Tasteful Chokers

Gleaming, colorful and simplistic, the choker gets a seasonal update

Chokers are the epitome of easy style: first spotted during the French Revolution (in the late 1700s) in ribbon-form, this jewelry piece has since then stylistically taken on a variety of identities.

Tasteful Chokers



Crystal Cluster Necklace from Oscar de La Renta

Featuring crystals in a vibrant shade of green, the choker is gold-plated and really the perfect emblem of both glam and luxe.

Raindrop Fringe Necklace from Oscar de La Renta

Rows and rows of chains boasting Swarovski crystals, drop to create a perfect update to an age-old jewelry piece.

5 pack Assorted Choker Necklace from Claire’s

More traditional (and French-like!) than anything else, the chokers define understated elegance, with character, really remarkably.

Ludic necklace from Swarovski

A classic from Swarovski has been updated with a flexible new design – it sports the brand’s trademark ‘Crystal Mesh’, featuring stones in colors like pink, baby blue and red; the clear-colored crystal atop the choker can be detached and worn separately, as well.

Multi Layered Chain Choker Necklace from Topshop

The perfect thing about a layered choker necklace is that it can easily add a certain in-your-face sense of aristocratic prowess, no matter if you always just love to dress in an alluring fashion. This particular piece from Topshop is ideal to do that because the choker is silver in color and also minimalist in design.


Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017