Anya Taylor-Joy

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Anya Taylor-Joy has starred in films such as Barry, Split and Thoroughbreds. Joy was born in Florida, United States and before becoming an actress, she had worked as a model. Joy has worked in many films which are characteristically melancholy and yet, she had never desired to steer her career mostly in that direction; it just ended up being that way because Anya found the characters which she had played in those films to be similar to her.

Some of the roles which Anya has played on-screen are that of complicated women. In Thoroughbreds, Joy played the role of Lily – an uncorrupted, harmful and complicated school student (with excellent grades) who strives to be faultless. Joy was captivated by the bad side of Lily’s character and how it just kept getting bigger; Anya had (surprisingly) stood by the character (and her behavior) during the shooting of the film which had taken twenty-two days.

Joy is thrilled for the current age because of how she feels it is rolling out for women; Anya has classified it as an age where the gender of a person is unimportant, in comparison to a person’s complicated nature. The 22-year-old has, sadly, experienced sexist behavior from members of the opposite sex which she had dealt with in her own unique way: she had told those men something like what they did was uncool and also the way that their remarks had made her feel; in Anya’s experience, tackling sexist behavior in that way had remarkably made men act regretful over what they had done.



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Last year, Anne-Marie released her debut album Speak Your Mind. Speak Your Mind has hit songs like Ciao Adios, Heavy and Friends (with Marshmello) as part of its tracklist plus when the album was released, it had charted in the ‘Top 10’ in countries such as the United Kingdom and Belgium.

The British music artist has stated that she has no writing talent but when she first came to learn of the idea of writing a song, she immediately adored it. Anne-Marie wants to inject her life experiences into a song which she writes. She feels that in doing so, she can make people feel good when they come to know of those experiences; I think people can find comfort in her writing because when they encounter it, they would know that they are not alone in this world with what they go through.

For Anne-Marie, it was a slow process to feel like an unshackled woman and in past romantic liaisons, tragically, she has experienced cheating multiple times.

The 27-year-old has had to grapple with a problem regarding her body – she has a thin but athletic figure. Nowadays, amazingly, after spending time discovering more about the type of woman that she is, she can talk about her body. Anne-Marie is an extremely sensitive woman and she feels that she would only take a break from work if she could no longer handle another problem she has – that of anxiety; one time, when Anne-Marie tried that, she sat up on her bed and overthought things, instead of doing something opposite, like keeping an idle mind or just taking a really relaxing break. The British music artist also worries over whether or not people will love her; she has worded it as a tough experience to have.

Juliette Binoche

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Juliette Binoche is a French actress. Binoche has starred in films such as Family Life, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Certified Copy; for her acting work, she has been nominated many times at the Cesar Awards (a very important set of awards in France) in the ‘Best Actress’ category.

Juliette recently starred in the film – Let the Sunshine In, which is an adaptation of a French novel that was published during the seventies. In the film, Juliette plays the role of Isabelle – a woman in who, in the course of finding a great romantic partner, has relationships with many (revolting) men – this includes an actor and a banker.

Isabelle, in my outlook, has an interesting disposition: she is thoughtless, bright, defenseless and does not get discouraged by her romantic failures.

Binoche chose to work on the film because she felt that it had an excellent screenplay. However, Juliette also felt that it was a taxing experience to work with the script. The shooting of the film was wrapped up in a little over a month and the script required Juliette to strip off in front of the camera which she has described as a petrifying experience.

As an actress, Juliette is always on the lookout for a fresh experience. This was the first time that Juliette had worked with the director of the movie – Claire Denis, who also directed films like Vendredi Soir (Friday Night) and L’intrus (The Intruder). Juliette has stated that Claire isn’t the type of woman who would just force something on her; Binoche also found Denis to be a woman with a determined disposition.

Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick has starred in films such as Up in the Air, Into the Woods, The Accountant and Table 19. She was born in Maine and is thirty-three years old. Recently, she starred alongside Blake Lively in A Simple Favor; the film is an adaptation of a book bearing the same name and was directed by Paul Feig (I Am David and Bridesmaids).

In the film, Kendrick plays a vlogger called Stephanie Smothers, who is trying to piece together the puzzle behind why her best friend – Emily Nelson (played by Lively), has vanished. Anna found working on her character (in the film) to be a taxing experience and during filming, she would ask Paul lots of questions so that she could essay her role really well.

Smothers and Nelson don’t really have a lot in common with each other, apart from the fact that they both have sons – Emily is a seriously stylish woman whilst Stephanie strikes you as an average suburban mother (of one). Anna feels that the relationship which Smothers and Nelson share with each other is the type where polar opposite viewpoints can aid you as a person. Kendrick also feels that it’s great when people with different dispositions become friends with each other.

Kendrick shockingly feels that Smothers can have an annoying mask on and yet, also feels that it would be great if she could cook as well as the character does. Anna further feels that it’s discouraging when men act lukewarm about playing supporting roles when a key role is being played by a woman, even though many great actresses wouldn’t mind settling for doing that.

Constance Wu

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Constance Wu is a 36-year-old American actress with Taiwanese origins. She was born in Richmond and has been influenced by Taiwanese director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi). Wu recently starred in Crazy, Rich, Asians along with actors like Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh; in the film, she plays the part of Rachel Chu (a university professor) and for that she was even nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Interestingly, the only other role for which Constance has garnered a similar level of praise is that of another Asian woman as well; the character appears in a television show called Fresh Off the Boat. In the show, Wu plays Jessica Huang – a Taiwanese mother who lives in Florida and cannot adapt to the American way of life.

Constance does not have any good example to follow – this means that she is on her own in proving that, in spite of her origins, she can earn visibility in the world of showbiz.

Wu, as a person, has a frank nature and for that she has forfeited many roles – Constance has been openly critical of fellow actors for playing Asian characters because they did not have Asian backgrounds. She is also a reckless woman who found stardom in spite of never demanding it.

Constance feels that stardom should be made first-class use of. She also feels that actors with Asian backgrounds should be doled out more roles in Hollywood. It’s hard to disagree with that; film roles in Hollywood, I think, should always go to the most capable actors, irrespective of their origins, because an actor’s background is not an important factor in their ability to act finely.

Rachel Weisz

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Rachel Weisz has starred in films such as The Shape of Things, The Lovely Bones and Denial. She was born in Westminster in London. Rachel’s latest film, The Favourite, in which she costars with Olivia Coleman and Emma Stone, is about two cousins who are contesting each other to be Queen Anne’s first pick in court. But the plot of the film isn’t as innocent as it seems; this is because the women are also contesting to be the Queen’s sexual favorite.

The rapport which Weisz shared with the other cast members (of the film) onscreen was perhaps a result of the British actress spending some days making acquaintance with them. Weisz had also spent time learning more about the historical figure she plays in ‘The Favourite’ by reading a biography of her but Rachel has stated that reading it left her in the same spot as before – back when she hadn’t read it.

In the film, Rachel’s character is that of Sarah Churchill. Churchill counsels Anne in a political capacity and she is the sort of woman who can intimidate just like the Queen, even though unlike Anne, she does not have a high-ranking of position which can do it for her. Churchill can intimidate because of her disposition and acts: she is shrewd, iron-handed and inflexible (but self-doubting) plus she suffocates, poisons and hits the Queen. Weisz has remarked that her character (in the film) is the type of woman who cherishes her country and perceives that her country would not run properly without her and that the Queen was never much of a ruler; I think because of that Churchill becomes the figurehead which her country requires.

The other side to Sarah’s story is not, in my outlook, about acquiring professional ascendency over her rival in a morally correct way because it involves sleeping with Anne to do that. Sarah and the Queen’s relationship stretches over the course of many years: they were friends during their adolescence but the friendship was actually shockingly mixed with romantic feelings.

Mia Wasikowska

Recently, Mia Wasikowska starred in the movie Damsel along with Robert Pattinson. The movie had made its premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. In the film, Wasikowska played Penelope – a wild woman and the love interest of Samuel Alabaster (Pattinson).

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Mia’s journey as an actress began after she approached several talent agencies in her country – Australia. However, only one of the agencies took her on board and that also after Wasikowska continuously rang them to convince them to do that. Years later, she was seen in award-winning films such as The Kids Are Alright.

The 29-year-old actress is actually no stranger to playing wild characters. Previously, Mia had played Alice Kingsleigh in two films: Alice in Wonderland plus Alice Through the Looking Glass, and both of them were based upon characters or stories written by Lewis Carroll; Alice is a wild young girl with an inquisitive character.

Mia recently stated that Damsel has an unpredictable quality about it, as in when you go and watch it, you can predict that the film will unravel in a certain way but what it does instead is unravel in a different way.

I couldn’t find anything unpredictable about the film; it is more of an average romantic drama. In short, the plot of the film is about a man who is travelling to marry a bossy woman he loves who has also been kidnapped; he has a tiny horse with him on the journey (it is supposed to be a present for her).

Penelope, it’s important to note, is a really inspiring character. This is because she is a free person with a strong disposition. She is just the type of woman who makes watching a female embroiled in a romantic arc on-screen, a bearable, and even enjoyable, experience.