How to Wear a Sweater to a Party

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Making a sweater a part of a stylish outfit meant to be worn to a party doesn’t have to be a laborious process: choose a sweater which shimmers and pair with it a skirt plus shoes; also, remember to carry a nice bag. When picking out makeup to wear with the look, choose a nude-colored lipstick and beige-colored eyeshadow.

McQ Alexander McQueen Lurex Sweater at Harrods
This long-sleeved sweater is made from lurex threads which shimmer and the sweater is in a metallic color; tuck it in inside the skirt to add smartness to the look.

Alice + Olivia Tianna Sequin Midi Skirt at Harrods
This skirt has a high waist and also panels of sequins (in colors like blue plus green) plus lace; it adds boldness to the look.

The Vampire’s Wife Ruffle-trimmed woven bag at Matches Fashion
This metallic gold clutch bag is made from shimmering lame and it has beautiful ruffles (with coarse edges) plus circle-shaped handles with which you can carry the bag around at the party.

Sophia Webster Rosalind crystal embellished leather sandals at Matches Fashion
This pair of rose-gold sandals are made from dazzling leather and its stiletto heels feature glittering white-colored crystals; it adds sophistication to the look.


Colors For The Heat

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Be wise and choose the right colors this spring to always look and feel cool

Which colors to wear during the hottest of days in spring? Whilst the more traditional of spring colors, such as light blue and ivory are certainly good ideas, do not be afraid to break the mold and choose brighter colors in silhouettes that allow plenty of room to feel really comfortable in the sunshine; that way, there is always a diverse-enough wardrobe at your disposal.

Deborah Lyons Zelda Shirt Dress at Harrods
The shirt dress is ideal to pull off a strong and casual look for the day because it has a gathered waist, plus tie detailing on the long and slashed sleeves.

Alberta Ferretti Tiered Mini Dress at Harrods
Green and made out of silk, the tiered dress uniquely features lace in a minimalist angle; it is very cute and actually looks like something out of a beloved bedtime story.

Alexander McQueen Ruffle Trim Mini Dress at Harrods
Beautifully red, the dress is lightly flouncy and also features leather shoulder straps, which add to its appeal because it elevates an entirely feminine silhouette to something strong.

Self-Portrait Frilled Satin Star Dress at Harrods
The ivory-colored dress features an all over star print and a striking frill but what really makes the dress stand out is that it sports cut-outs, which can elevate a look from artistic to sultry in minutes.

Vintage Evenings

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Being fashion-forward can also happen when wearing a really good fashion piece from the past

Wearing something vintage for the evening? Going with something black for the night is a wise idea. But remember to keep the accessories to a bare minimum because there is already too much history in the clothes for the look to be any more precious.

Tom Ford for Gucci black dress, F / W 2004 at 1stdibs
This little black dress is just perfect to look sultry for the evening; wear it with a pair of black high heels and drop earrings to look like a million bucks.

Thierry Mugler black crepe dress with sheer bodice, 1990s at 1stdibs
Elegant but brash, the black dress boasts appliques on its sheer bodice; wear it with a pair of high heeled peep-toes to pull off a strong and feminine look for the night.

Yves Saint Laurent red dress with black trim, 1990s at 1stdibs
Strikingly red, with standout black details, the dress is ideal for cultured evenings; wear it with a pair of black pumps.

Alexander McQueen Runway Sheer Black Plunging Asymmetrical Dress, F / W 1997 at 1stdibs
The black dress features a plunging neckline but the dress itself is rather professional-looking and exudes an idea of raw power; wear it with a pair of strappy black high heels and carry a clutch.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2018

The latest collection from Alexander McQueen is a stylistic exploration of the grim transformation of a cocoon into a charming butterfly; much of this collection was an accurate depiction of the darkness associated with that grim process because the primary colours in the show were red and black.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2018



It was brilliant to witness an avoidance of drab in tailored clothes at Alexander McQueen and an absorption of a minimal edition of excess instead – very typical to the British label’s motto in fashion. Ravishing panels, tailcoats, the presence of sophisticated lace and also dresses with abstract butterfly imprints created a paradisical collection – more loudly magnetic than anything else.

A Review of SS2016

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What is trending on the catwalk for Spring Summer 2016?

A Prairie Dress from Alexander McQueen

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen showcased plenty of ruffles, miniscule buttons and soft floral prints; it was an exhibition of that all-consuming and captivating feminine power.

The Perfect Prairie

The Perfect Prairie by osmianannya on Polyvore

Some of the best fashion scores came right from the British fashion capital, whether you adore Burberry or Topshop Unique.


London Catwalk Style

London Catwalk Style by osmianannya on Polyvore


London Catwalk Style

London Catwalk Style by osmianannya on Polyvore


London Catwalk Style

London Catwalk Style by osmianannya on Polyvore

Blue Eyes

Azure blue, to be more specific, is the colour to have on your eyelids for Spring Summer 2016: cobalt has become a favourite of designers as diverse as Jonathan Saunders, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Boss and Missoni.


SS2016 Beauty

SS2016 Beauty by osmianannya on Polyvore

A Tiara

The catwalk this season, is inviting you to dress up as a princess: put on a tiara and enjoy all of it.


Tiaras on the Catwalk

Tiaras on the Catwalk by osmianannya on Polyvore

The Extravagance of Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen had such a sad and untimely demise in 2010 but ever since Sarah Burton has taken over the helms of his huge and young empire. Burton’s sense of dress cuts are unique to her – it’s got her imprint on them which is probably why history has been somewhat kinder to her, even though she doesn’t really seem all that revolutionary to break free from McQueen’s shadow.

Burton started out as an assistant to Alexander so was not familiar with the glamour of the fashion industry having spent most of her time in a studio and away from the limelight. Alexander committed suicide in 2010 and he was always well-known for his overtly sensitive attitude – his right hand and friend, Burton took over his empire immediately, with a certain brazen outlook.

Serene, unkempt on the nails, brown earth-ish, poker-straight blonde, with a fringe, blue eyes, Burton gushes a lot about the times Alexander and her would draw side by side. This is a woman who resents the way she looks but has a childlike attitude. Her autumn-winter collection evokes rose petals in silk ruffles that look like they are made of natural colours or striking reds.

This collection is about the circle of nature, with its spinning heights and thunderous emotional defeats. The rose is pretty when blooming and touching when it is withered and old. Burton, unlike McQueen, isn’t fascinated in the beauty of death – she likes to find the beauty in ageing because she views it as such a harsh alternative to bloom. Confined by nature, an ageing woman must also be considered graceful – this is exactly the kind of rules Sarah is busy breaking at the fashion house.

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Alexander was a haunted, romantic and emotionally-absorbed young man, and Sarah isn’t that – she is interested in keeping the tradition alive, while Alexander was all about pitiless, eccentric and big designs that you would be quite mad to be seen on the street wearing because they are just that ‘piled up crazy yards of silk’. Sarah likes to be a confidante for women which is why fuss-free clothing is a must for her line. This demure ‘belief in oneself’ is about protection of the vulnerable, emotionally diverse and feminine slants in character.

The somewhat young fashion designer looks at clothes as if they have lives – they have memories, perhaps feelings, are an aspect of a person’s character and their country and it is all among such a titanic collection of memorable creations. Sarah has done simple jackets, leather and lace sheer antique dresses that want men to look at you all the time. These “brazen-slutty, not bold and sexy” point of views reflect in better-than-before sales figures for the fashion house and it is such a feat for a damsel from a little village, close to Manchester.

Born to an accountant and a music teacher she spent her childhood running in fields, with her siblings. She joined the fashion house when Alexander was still grappling with how to give it his own vision and today she is a working woman, who has dilemmas over handling the homelife and a starry career.

Sarah is mother to twin girls and she is strange on people’s behavior towards her: she doesn’t think it’s bad if you are happy doing what you do even if it does not please everybody. As a shy clothes designer, she is approachable to her customers and thinks of new ideas twice a year, not once looking back on the works that came before.

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