Lipstick Colors For Spring

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The perfect seasonal shades to get pretty with

Which lipstick colors are ideal for spring? Spring is associated with freshness and blooming gardens so the variety of colors exhibited by flowers is a good idea. Choose a type of red, enough of pink, the odd violet and a standout shade like orange.

Dior Lip Tattoo Colour Juice at Harrods
Beautifully vibrant, the orange shade from the Dior range is ideal to perk up any outfit during the day (or night); I liked that it supplies the effect of a tattoo color which is temporary but enduring.

Dior Dior Addict Lacquer Plump at Harrods
Color your lips with a type of color (the perfect shade is J’Adior) that is comfortable to wear and reliable on long nights; the color also provides added shine and a plumping effect.

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color at Harrods
Matte lipsticks are the latest rage and the Molly Wow shade from the range boasts pigments, vitamin C and E, and beeswax, plus is refreshingly a plucky shade of pink.

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Liquid at Harrods
A lipstick that feels comfortably heavy on your lips and moisturizes too, the Erotic Patent color is an indomitable shade of pink that seems like the most typical spring shade.

Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Edition Lipstick at Harrods
A purple lipstick presented in a case that features a Givenchy print of flowers seemingly in a socially decaying environment; wear it when you are bored of the classics and want to look different.


Fashion @ Lemonade Stands

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What to wear when you have a couple of lemonade stands to gather around for the day

A fast outfit change must be in order when some of your friends are using the idea of lemonade stands to feel charitable and you have got to be in several neighborhoods throughout the day, with your crew. With a speedy change of the t-shirt (at a friend’s house), most of your casual look can be very easily recycled.

Junk Food Jungle Book Tee at Urban Outfitters
Featuring a nice print of Baloo and Mowgli (from the film The Jungle Book), the yellow t-shirt is both casual and vibrant – perfect to wear in the sunshine.
Junk Food Aladdin Tee at Urban Outfitters
The print on this purple t-shirt is from the film Aladdin: it features Aladdin entering the Cave of Wonders at the front, and the treasures that lie inside the cave at the back; it is very illustrious and rich-looking – wear it to the posher neighborhoods.
Tommy Jeans Denim Mini Skirt at Urban Outfitters
A denim skirt from the classic American label Tommy Hilfiger that has an unfinished hemline and beautiful double branding at the back – pretty and great to relax in.
Leather Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal at Urban Outfitters
A pair of golden gladiator sandals with thin straps that is really dressy and comfortable to wear around (it’s flat!) in packed environments such as those of lemonade stands, with nowhere to sit most of the time.

The Annoying Quality Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms exist purely to hinder looking fashionable in many different ways

School uniforms aim to shun a really loud display of unregulated fashion on campus. Not only that, school uniforms also curb an unhealthy display of excess by rich kids by instead making students prioritize this idea that all students are created equal, no matter what their social background is, which is such an unjust pattern of thinking because a person’s social standing is unique and something to be publicly proud of. And yet, school uniforms aren’t always so irritating: school uniforms sometimes also help eliminate bad looks from right before your eyes because when there is a measure in place to curb the freedom to dress as you please, then unwise looks such as pants falling off from your waist and wearing a body (paired with leg warmers and high heels) to campus, have to be exchanged with good (and simple) school uniforms, even if school students are accustomed to publicly exercising the wearing of bad looks in their private hours. But more than anything else, fashion should not be an idea that appears as if it must be disciplined at some point or the other because it is not so; desiring to look fashionable is something good, not something bad. So, school students should not be made to suffer for it because sometimes it is great when people just let go of this requirement to discipline when it is very unnecessary to do so.

Oasis x Natural History Museum

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When gardens and fashion collide to create refined pieces that are just perfect to dress up in

British fashion label Oasis recently launched a fashion collab with the Natural History Museum (in London). The collection is largely inspired by what the museum exhibits and has elegant styles diversifying with both prints and designs; also, colors such as light blue, white and black interplay with the theme of pretty gardens. My picks of the collection:

NHM Corset Midi Dress
In this pale blue corset dress, a print featuring butterflies flying around artistic flowers in shades such as pink serve as the highlight – really provocative and elegant.

NHM Lace Back Shift Dress
The white dress features lacework at the back and yet the highlight has to be not that simple lace design but really the vibrant garden print featuring flowers in a rage of shades, such as red and blue, which adorns the dress.

NHM Placement Shift Sundress
The sundress is a little bit eccentric-looking because of its boisterous display of a garden scene – ideal to bring out your mad side.

Long NHM Pencil Dress
The black pencil dress boasts a corset top and a print of flowers – bold but sophisticated.

A New Romance For Ariana Grande

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A new relationship for Ariana Grande? Looks like there is no stopping her on the romantic front

Ariana Grande seems to have had experienced the toughest of times recently – a (terrorist) bombing at her concert in Manchester and what appeared to be a bitter breakup of a two-year long relationship that Ariana had had with music artist Mac Miller (his albums include: Blue Slide Park and Watching Movies with the Sound Off). But everything looks to be heading towards a more happy environment for the American star because of her (rumoured) new relationship with Pete Davidson, who is an actor and also a comedian at Saturday Night Live.

Ariana and Pete have known each other for quite some time now but it wasn’t until recently that the couple were apparently spotted behind the scenes at the just gone Billboard Music Awards getting comfortably romantic with each other; not only that, Grande and Davidson also seem to be going overboard with their displays of affection towards each other on the commenting-front over at Instagram. If all goes swell, then I think Ariana’s new romance will really set the tone for her repertoire of personal stories in the future; also, a pair of sunglasses should really be made ready to actually hide your face from a public type of romance like that, alone.

Dsquared2 Resort 2019

The womenswear presentation by Dsquared2, as part of their collection for Resort 2019, had the air of a juvenile delinquent which was what the founders of the Canadian label were a little bit of in their younger days. Personal and attractive-looking, the collection went from strength to strength with everything it had to display, the nature of which was amusingly lacking of diversity but still making it up with traditionality.

The two’s ideas of fashion at times seemed kindled by clothes that traditionally only members of the armed forces would wear and also daywear that looked like it really could also be worn to glam evenings. Some of the colors explored were red, white, olive drab and black, as chiffon, poplin, wool, lace, leather and mesh mixed with minimalist designs which were mostly meant for people who are able to showcase the true impact of attractive grit with their characters.

Appealing Satchels

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When satchels turn to color to look memorably beautiful

The nerdy vibe attached to a satchel isn’t always correct because carrying a satchel around doesn’t necessarily mean that you must be of a studious mind frame. It can also mean that you are hip because you like to work really hard at your obsessions which can be any subject in the world really and the latest designs do an excellent job in helping with portraying just that.

Magnetic Mini Satchel in Leather – Light Lilac, Matte Indian Yellow & Chalk at The Cambridge Satchel Company
Small and unpretentious, the bag is not meant for storage in spite of its highly functional design, which is what I loved about it the most; the satchel also boasts unique color combinations and is just ideal to carry around whilst you are running between several bus stops.

Aldo Dwydia Satchel at DSW
With its dome shape and boring glimmer, the satchel can elevate any business gathering into an episode of glamour because of the floral embellishments that feature at the front of the handbag.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Willow Saffiano Flower Applique Satchel Bag at Neiman Marcus
A black satchel featuring appliques (of flowers) and an eyelet-design, the rather simple handbag is sophisticated enough to use during days which are so rushed that any thought involving fashion must be condensed into an entirely trifling task.

Balenciaga Classic City AJ Striped Leather Satchel Bag at Neiman Marcus
Sporting stripes in colors, such as pink and red, the satchel is good for when you feel like being really wild and carrying something around that is just really unconventionally artistic but still interesting in spirit.