Givenchy Resort 2018

For Resort 2018, Givenchy built a masterpiece of effortless summer looks. Shot in the Italian capital, against well-curated backdrops, such as the Museum of Roman Civilization, a housing project in the southwest of Rome and the historic Palestra del Duce, the entire range of clothes exude airy-lightness, which would be perfect for the summer heat.

Givenchy Resort 2018


Starting off with what is basically considered the uniform-colour for summer: white, the clothes quickly shifted to darker shades of cobalt and spunky mauve. The clothes had a mid-century modernist angle, when it wasn’t being very neo-Gothic, whilst the bags were reinvented entirely. But the main focus for the collection has been remaining true to the French brand’s focus on producing high-end fashion for consumers/fashion lovers.

Suits were interpreted in transparent tulle, and the use of lace overwhelmed – it was seen in a cape top, as well as in a dress and in a trouser. Sultry and classics intermixed finely for clothes that would seamlessly fit in as wearable concepts in the urban jungle. It’s important to note there was a surprising amount of diversity present for workwear: a parka, basics in the ‘day-look’ department, had flounce and a jumpsuit crafted from organza was utilitarian.


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