Wendell Rodricks AW 2017

At Wendell Rodricks, for the Amazon India Fashion Week held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, the clothes were mostly modern, albeit the occasional traditional sari draped around, which was very interesting to see because of its soft play of colours. Geometric shapes and rose emblems meant to convey simplistic fashion tastes at the fashion showcase, something that is entirely a minimalist concept.

Wendell Rodricks AW2017

One of my favourite expectations from beautiful clothes from the Indian subcontinent, namely India and Bangladesh, is minimalism channeled through sheer beauty. Keeping that in mind, I wasn’t disappointed at the latest Wendell Rodricks fashion presentation for autumn/winter because the clothes, no matter if they are fusion wear, traditional or modern, is a breathtaking exhibit of just that.

The most striking thing about the whole collection were the colours, which swung from red to orange pretty often. Whatever motif that was thrown in, was done in bold colours, so all the more better for it. For fall, leather was used as the cutwork material, and there was also a blend of cotton/satin in a structured form, linen, pashmina wool and a three dimensional angle of appliqués.


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