Selena Gomez Charts Her Passions

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I remember the first time Selena Gomez came to my attention: I was only a teenager and like every other teenager, I was hooked onto Disney television shows. Gomez, at the time, played the lead in Wizards of Waverly Place, which was a really good show – the comic timing was great, and the living-above-a-family-run-sandwich-shop family theme was unique too because it was spiced up with magic. But those are bygone days now and Selena Gomez would actually term those years as phase one of her life in the public eye.

Having to live through child-stardom must have been tough and how Selena characterizes it all is fascinating: being famous doesn’t really have to equals to being a successful person in life – Gomez has always wanted to be the latter. The second phase of her life is largely about her music, though like a true blue Hollywood celebrity, Selena has her fashion endorsements as well (Pantene), and she still also dabbles in some drama projects, every now and then.

Selena often shares the progress she makes in her life with her millions of fans but her journey to that level of fame has been pretty bumpy: she did pageants, she was in Barney & Friends, she dabbled in the Disney-end of music, for her show, had mental health crises, and also had points in her life which was totally empty from friendships – how sad; Selena’s mother’s point of view is the most important thing to her, and it is good to have that level of support to keep oneself grounded during the mental rushes of fame.

Having been a favourite with the media for her on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena has been working away to carve out a niche for herself in the limelight which does not involve the questions of how the star managed to date Bieber and how she works with Bieber when the two broke up in 2014. I suppose public curiosity surrounding Selena’s romantic liaisons, even after the couple parted ways, is a natural phenomenon but it’s still unnatural to be defined by it, and that’s just what Selena Gomez was at one point in her life – this famous person she was dating.

Something about that is so wrong – I mean, for a start, it begs the question of how she is a successful famous figure in Hollywood really? Because that way Selena’s solo winning credential would probably be how she managed to keep her relationship alive with Justin Bieber for such a long time, which is sickening. I could never find some story of that sort interesting but Selena Gomez has always been about her passions in life, even when she wouldn’t be listened to because her relationship with Justin Bieber was worth erasing out her conversation points and filling it up with burning questions about her romance instead.

Selena, like most women of the world, has her complexities but she is also an independent 24-year-old. Post the breakup, Gomez replenished her professional streak with acting and singing lessons and the result of that was: Revival, her second studio album, which topped the Billboard 200 charts upon its debut and has often been cited as one of the best albums of 2015; it’s remarkably inspired by Christina Aguilera’s Stripped (2002) – one of my favourite albums by the pop star.


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