The Vivacious Jennifer Aniston

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In my mind, Jennifer Aniston will forever be synonymous with the roles she does, both in television and in films. It’s not really about her marriages, a divorce and the mad public scrutiny around her private life but how her roles are really some of the most memorable ones I can think of, particularly in comedy. Her recent Hollywood project, Office Christmas Party, reunited Aniston with Jason Bateman (she had co-stared with him in The Switch) and the plot-mix involved an impromptu Christmas party at the office, aiming to save jobs from the CEO (Aniston), and a branch manager, who’s the CEO’s brother but loves to party obnoxiously.

Bateman finds Aniston very comfortable and easy to work with, so much so that on-set and on-the-job he feels he has absolute freedom to be alright with looking like a fool, for laughter’s sake. Aniston comes across as this woman with an oddly lively spirit, to me sometimes – she makes a big deal out of scripts not a lot of people seem to be interested in and likes to celebrate the ordinary a lot, from the people to the circumstances. Aniston’s life however, is anything but ordinary: a lot of negative attention often peaks surrounding Jennifer Aniston’s private choices in life. Is Jennifer married yet? Is Jennifer divorced yet? Has Jennifer got a baby yet?

Recently, all of that touched a nerve with the 48-year old star and she penned down an elaborate opinion piece in a local newspaper regarding the plight that women often have over private decisions of that sorts. Aniston displayed her fighting spirit, which was really nice to see as she spoke out against bad ideas circulating that she isn’t a sad person, without a baby and that spending time hanging out with her doesn’t involve that experience; some of Aniston’s friends include Jason Bateman and his wife, Portia de Rossi and her partner, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow (both co-stars from Friends).

Jennifer Aniston recently wed Justin Theroux, who she met on-location for one of her movies, Wanderlust (2010). Aniston describes the relationship as a wonderful thing because in it she feels seen, loved and free to display herself, just the way she is. The relationship sounds like it has all the perfect ingredients to make it a good celebrity marriage. But speaking about her celeb life, what keeps it afloat, apart from her status quo as a Hollywood star and numerous brand endorsements, are the Hollywood projects she signs up for, which Aniston has expansively been getting picky (and plucky) over.

What’s lined up for the American star is a film on NFL worker Denise White and The Goree Girls – a film on a country/western band comprising prison inmates from Texas, who first performed in the forties. Aniston’s films have a good range this year, but what what I find really remarkable about the American star is her adamant display of fortitude in putting this out there (despite her wobbly relationship with public speaking, for fear of it) that a woman does not need to be a mother to be happy in life – indeed, she doesn’t. What’s needed are dogs (got one of my own), and Aniston has three: Clyde, Sophie and Dolly.


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