The Ugly Truths Behind Paying For Sex

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Should men be paying for sex? The answer is no. When men pay for sex they can expect to face time in prison in countries, like Ireland (since June 2015), contract HIV/AIDS and participate in the outright moral degradation of oneself. There is no greatness in exchanging hours of sex with some money because why pay for something (and get yourself into this much trouble) when sex can happen to you if you, let’s say, just go out on the club circuit, grab some drinks and mingle?

Sex workers refer to these men who go to them as their clients, whilst the men refer to themselves as hobbyists, among other things, when going to a prostitute for sex becomes a regular thing for them. These ‘hobbyists’ figure in smaller percentages in countries like Australia, but accounts for around 70percent of men in Cambodia, which showcases an outright decadence of society for the latter. What gets men to go to a prostitute usually borders around issues, such as a bad sex life, a noisy homelife, an opportunity to buy sex from an available set of local brothels, the ‘paying for sex is locally forbidden’ tag attracts men to pursue it in the hope that they can pull it off, as well as feeling bored, unnoticed and alone. The bottom line is that boys should not be encouraged to pay for sex because apart from the troubles that they might have to endure, they could also face a lifetime of isolation in society – it’s not supposed to be a hip topic of discussion that a boy has had sex for money.

There is no other way around it: going for dates and romance is always the ideal way to go for a good sex life. 

When this thought runs through your mind that as a boy or girl you want to have a romantic relationship, primarily because of sex, then members of the opposite sex might not always warm to it and you might have to spend a couple of months or so without sex because your mingling hasn’t brought you (let’s say, me) closer to someone (for me, that would be a boy) of a similar mind frame. But no way should a boy or girl choose to spring up and pay for sex with a prostitute because the whole experience sounds better to them than going without sex for a period in time; it’s not that easy and simple to meet the right people and for men, specifically, sleeping with prostitutes just sends loud signals, to girls, that these boys might just be so damn ugly they cannot score with dates, like a proper human being.

I think what can really help with bringing down numbers of men who seek pleasure by having to pay for it, is a good understanding of the risks involved in sleeping with a prostitute, and it’s not just about the big health risks. Maintaining a girlfriend might not always be a piece of cake, might just have been one bad experience after another, might even be a seriously big headache but the other go-to alternative for all of that, for a man, should not be immediately going to a whorehouse because they need to have their sexual appetite fed as they like; I think, like any normal human being, men should just mingle appropriately, have a well enough set of social skills (or at least, work to achieve it) to stave off loneliness/boredom, and actually be up for romance and for dates, which are perfectly great avenues for an amazing sex life – if a man isn’t there yet, the onus should be on them to work towards that goal, not run fast in the opposite direction to a brothel.


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