Trophy Wives and Lads’ Mags

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When an actress or a supermodel or such do not have any dignity left in town, they will pretend like they are someone else, possibly someone powerful, when they are not

Trophy wives, more often than not, are annoying. They have pea-sized brains, which is probably why they never understand much and feign that being stupid is cute – it is not. Trophy wives aren’t powerful, that needs to be very clear and some even come from a third world country, with a third class mentality – very exotic and typical. Some trophy wives also drop their clothes pretty frequently on the cover of a magazine and such to get a heartthrob and they don’t seem to care if that riles up the sexual urges of men everywhere because believe-it-or-not Melania Trump (Donald Trump’s wife) is actually sold off as ‘hot property’ that way.

The First Lady lost her clothes for a lads’ mag willingly, never once thinking about how she comes across as a woman that has peaked the interest of Donald Trump + peaked the sexual urges of countless men, around the world. Her portrayal of herself on a lads’ mag is just the one step away from absolute Penthouse material and there is no doubt that Mrs. Melania Trump has no shame at all. Is it possible that men don’t feel sexually peaked looking at Melania Trump that way in a lads’ mag? It isn’t possible. Because the crassness with which Melania Trump acts is just fine actually to do that – she really is out to tarnish the grace associated with being a First Lady.

I have never been a fan of the theory that men have no morals because they might be checking out Playboy, and pornographic material is the only thing which peaks their sexual interests. Just because they are men doesn’t mean they are disgusting. Just because some men like to ********te to what can only be termed as women with big jugs posing for a magazine doesn’t mean all men are made equal – men also ********te to women they find intensely hot (because of the way these women carry themselves) and every man in town, media seems to suggest find actresses, supermodels and what not only hot when they drop their clothes.

Trophy wives aren’t qualified to have any fashion authority and a whole host of ‘only being within close proximity to a heartthrob and thus chances of dating one is so good’ and they are needy, they don’t exactly have a career because their rich boys will take care of them, and they are clingy and they are desperate, but that seems to be the whole point. Over and over again, that seems to be the whole point. It is a very stale story but naturally people love those disgusting things simply because these women don’t have an inch of self-respect and will do absolutely anything to be called hot by men around the world, even if that means being conventionally unattractive and losing their clothes for photos in a magazine – desperation laces so obviously in these “loved stories”.

I really honestly cannot believe America voted for Donald Trump when he had that wife. I didn’t even know Melania Trump had dropped her clothes for a lads’ mag until after Trump won the elections last year. It’s just the nature of the story: I think it is a pretty big wave because she opens up this barrel of stories about what’s happening to the sanctity of American politics, and American society in general. Celeb culture in the media does not care even the slightest bit about that, and why would they?

Being a successful blogger is a very powerful thing. But celeb culture in the media is simply done by reporters who don’t even rank anywhere in the power scale because their job description is like that to begin with. These reporters don’t care about reality on most days. If they did they wouldn’t try to sell the theory (and keep trying to sell the theory) that every man in town wants a woman that is pure filth – women in lads’ mags do make men around the world feel hot (and bothered) because these women lose their clothes like they lost maybe an earring.

And yet heartthrobs, great guys in every town idolize them as “sex symbols” – I think they would if they like to date a woman because she must drop her clothes for a living, and feel ********ted to around the globe. Men everywhere want to hold their trophy wives’ hands, they want to fall in love with actresses, supermodels etc., cuddle them, call them “beauties”, and make them feel good about themselves. I know it sounds mental but men do sometimes seem like they want to be kind, in a mental way, because thanks to the media, how does it look to the whole world – heartthrobs and their dating life?


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