Why do heartthrobs date the way they do?

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I like to think of myself as a part of the advanced race. I think that it is perfectly alright to do art in whatever way that suits the artist (or the model) so long as it is pleasing to the eye: think about nature and animals, and how great that art looks. But sometimes I meet stories that are a little bit confusing to work my head around: why are men fascinated with Victoria’s Secret models in their underwear or supermodels who take their clothes off for a living because the fashion campaigns demanded it?

On my desk sits so many gossip pages about heartthrobs and their exciting escapades with supermodels, actresses and other celebs who don’t shy away from being different from an ordinary New Yorker…

I would like to think it would be the most unnatural concept in American (or British) society. Women inhabiting these societies don’t act like those kind of celebs do even though they are also successful women with jobs, a home, pets, mates and an income check. But it seems very natural to the whole celeb culture and I really do get it so well but it is still distasteful and crass on most days. I feel that the Victoria’s Secret runway shows are classy and beautiful because they are such elaborate lingerie pieces – they look out of this world and so larger than life. I mean most lingerie that women get from stores are basic pieces of underwear – they are not that expensive, they don’t come with a-glittering-wings-look-or-something.

But the whole penchant with Victoria’s Secret models or celebs like it is very different. I don’t think it’s a poor situation at all when a celeb needs to take their clothes off because the role demands it since the woman can always walk out on a role of a lifetime if she was really even the slightest bit uncomfortable. But then it also begs the question over why that would even be a poor situation because when a woman decides to be an actress or a model they must have known what comes with the job sometimes and it involves taking their clothes off in a room full of people, with maybe a thousand cameras rolling.

And what’s even more bizarre is that men actually date these celebs. Their girlfriends often appear together with them (maybe even holding their hand), and their girlfriends are either half naked or wearing a very light see-through top. I must confess, I don’t really understand these pictures: I think the general idea about a man would be that they wouldn’t like to imagine themselves with a girl like that because she is kinda naked and disgusting. I mean, I am not talking about those billboards flaunting campaigns of supermodels with barely any clothes on or where they are half-naked (they have only probably got a bedsheet or only a thong to dress them) and how every day and every night that must rile up the sexual urges of teenage boys, and total ugly ***s.

That is also there, how despite it heartthrobs like to date these women – in the press, it is hard to spot a heartthrob, who isn’t linked up to those kinds of ladies. It is one thing as being unable to score with a good looking girl, who has her dignity intact because she doesn’t take her clothes off for a living (New Yorkers, rejoice!) and a totally different thing about heartthrobs especially liking to choose to date those kind of celebs. I mean, even a men’s fashion magazine these days often come with inserts of those kinds of women or Donald Trump’s wife near-naked, and how to take some of these women out to dinner and everything but is it just for sex or is love thrown in the picture?

It’s hard to get but what I can get from heartthrobs is that it is for love because they don’t need to shout they love their VS-model-or-FHM-Hot-100-celeb-girlfriends to make it understandable they love them so much. It’s most definitely not necessary to run a men’s fashion mag that way because that isn’t the definition of ‘what is a men’s fashion magazine?’ in any way whatsoever. I think there is a thin line inbetween being hot and being crass and most women (celebs and non-celebs) tend to cross it…because after all, it is the easiest way to be called hot – be totally absolutely crass!


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  1. Don’t have any experience in being a heart throb!


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