What’s An ‘Inspiring Woman’ To You?

For me, an ‘inspiring woman’ has to be someone who really celebrates the “glorious female-form”

A lot has been happening in tinseltown in 2016. But how do you know if it all has been something inspiring? What does it take to even make an inspiring moment in the world? The definition varies immensely from one person to another but I feel that for a girl (or a woman) it should mean something along the lines of being captivating in what they do, in everything they do.

I have always believed that as a female myself, I was born to lead and being a leader means that I must be very happy with with myself and my accomplishments and who I am. As a female there are a lot of challenges that are thrown at you, which aren’t any different from what boys experience, if I am honest, and it takes a special kind of understanding of the world to overcome every challenge and become an inspiring figure yourself.

Inspiring Women 2016


Every winter, because of that I like to talk about girls (and women), who, I feel, have been inspiring the past year because of a myriad of reasons: it could be because of the roles they did in blockbuster movies, or a stunning debut or managing to be that rare modern-day icon as a model, as an actress or whatever it is that they do day-in and day-out that they really absolutely love every part of despite the challenges that comes along their way. I think that is what makes ‘an inspiring woman’ – that is what I feel would be an inspiring female to me…a girl (or a woman) who can really manage to win against all odds.


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