Winter Moisturizers

The best moisturizers for this season

Winter Moisturisers

Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturizer With Mimosa
Natural extracts in your favourite moisturizer always sounds like such a good idea. This age-erasing one has mimosa and green algae as ingredients, further supplemented by argan leaf as an active ingredient, which means that lines and wrinkles should be visibly reduced upon use.

Bobbi Brown
Extra Soothing Balm
Having a thick balm in your purse to turn to in moments of need is the ideal way to feel protected from the harsh cold weather that winter always sports. The latest Bobbi Brown addition is good for hydration and can be put on post-make-up.

Fix Make-Up
Moisturizing and refreshing skin aside, this fine mist from Clarins will help with the application of make-up do, as well as do the job of keeping make-up in perfect order for a longer time.

La Mer
Renewal Oil
It’s a face oil. One of it’s ingredients is ‘Miracle Broth’, which is a sea blend, and that along with active ingredients sourced from the sea, renew how your skin looks. The elixir gives your skin an energetic and youthful appearance, making lines and wrinkles appear fine-toned.

Winter Moisturisers

Super Acqua Lotion
The lotion contains AquaComplex – an ingredient which purifies cellular water, and replenishes hydration flow for your skin. It also brings back youth and because the ingredient is composed of very finely pure water, your skin is more resistant to ageing, leaving it restocked with ample water and feeling fresh.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
This is a primer and a skin care product rolled into one – the cream’s texture is next-to-invincible and the primer also helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Dior Prestige La Crème
The texture of the cream from Dior boasts of being plush but comfortable. From the very first time you put it on, your skin will be left feeling smoother and with a reinvigorated radiance.

Essential Face Cream
A plush potion with ingredients such as vitamin E, pear flower oleate, orange blossom, bluebonnet, an active ingredient of nastartium, lemon petitgrain, nutty pear notes, and omega 6. The elixir will oxygenate skin cell and actively participate in skin cell renewal.

Winter Moisturisers

Esteè Lauder
Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Moisture Crème
Plenty of hydration is in store for your skin with the application of the cream – it has Pomegranate Complex, which will make your skin supple and smooth..

Natura Bisse
C + C Vitamin Cream
Vitamin C is essential for your skin because it gives you golden skin, even the tone of your skin and gives longevity to youthful adulation of your skin. This cream is packed with vitamin C and supplies your skin with elasticity once again and aids your skin when it is impaired because of environmental irritants or the sun.

Rich Luminescence Moisturizing Cream
Shea butter and luffa oil, coupled up with a Sparkling Water Complex (which is a patented concentrate) that brings alive the sensation of sparkling water upon application to your skin, is perfect for when your dry skin in the winter needs to feel completely reinvigorated.

Crème Ancienne Soft Cream
Packed with vitamin E, rosewater and chamomile wax, the soft cream is specially prepared in a monastery in Czech Republic by monks. The hand-blended preparation helps to preserve the velvety cream’s rich past – it is inspired by the very first cream in the world.


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