Fashion Without Rules

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Endless parties. That is not healthy. I do not think so. But then what about endless ramblings about the importance of tailoring in a universe of kimonos and cotton?

Did you ever get the feeling that you do not fit in with too much talk about the importance of tailoring? Even me, with my incurable obsession with fashion, cannot have too much of that.

I might always appreciate a nicely tailored suit but I try, with all my might, to reduce the chinking of glasses around me, and the airhead presumption of being totally lost in their wardrobe, when the time arrives for them to look good for the night.



Colour Block Dressing

Colour Block Dressing by osmianannya featuring a diane von furstenberg dress

I have never been like that. I like that there is a fuss-free slant in fashion these days because I have never found it hard to match a fancy colour block dress in red and pink, with eye-grabbing yellow courts. It is a prevalent fashionable thought that when you are very successful, you do not have to play by the rules in fashion, like every other celebrity-getting-busy-snapping-in-town, from Alexa Chung to Alicia Vikander. For a #blogger, going to work can now also mean both brights and darks, much like a black-tie affair can mean both a cocktail dress and a sultry gown with a fishtail.

Sometimes it is fun to see what celebrities have to offer to pairing up different forms of fashion. It is a little bit of a diversified atmosphere I feel, but perhaps that is what being a Hollywood celebrity is like in some quarters. For me, traditional always wins big because everything looks so frothy in a ballgown, so sexy in a figure-hugging glamour gown for the evening, and sounds so crisp in a taffeta for the prom. But when it comes to a brunch, I always prefer low-key, but still attention-grabbing – I just must always do bold in every form and every fitting.



How To: Evening Parties

How To: Evening Parties by osmianannya featuring a wall-cover


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