Glorious Historical Fiction 

Britannia – Eagles of the Empire 14

Britannia is a novel about an experienced Roman soldier, fighting against a wily and unstoppable nemesis, in Roman Britain (AD 52). It is the fourteenth novel in a series, which explores the life of Quintus Licinius Cato, a new German general for the Second Legion. Surrounded by absolute disgust sputtering out of colleagues, because he is superior, more powerful and very deadly to them all, Cato aides his Roman commander Macro, who has seen more battles than can be deemed as average. Setting their sights upon barbaric Britain, and isolating the British as enemies, for a land they desperately want to conquer, the fourteenth instalment opens with a unique adventure of its own: the western army notices (perhaps learning from the Druids) the threat involved in the battles that lie ahead, and decide to defend itself, but Cato is already heading an invasion, the purpose of which is to defeat the Druids, and earn a Roman victory of their land. Struggling through winter, cold rain and snowstorms, the legionaries can be described as both brave and orderly. Centurion Macro, meanwhile, does not join the invasion, and instead guards the fort, because he is quite badly injured in a fracas. His prepared reports drawn from constant patrolling, outline the natives within the garrison to be numbering out, and a horrid suspicion gets implanted in Macro’s mind for it: maybe the Governor Legate Quintatus does not fully understand how deadly the enemy can really be?

Bloodline – The Wars of the Roses Book 3

Bloodline is the third novel in a series, which fictionally captures the civil war in England. After the death of a great king, his timid son takes the throne, growing more and more dependant on his supporters each and every day. Exiled and made prisoner for a very long time, the new king, Henry VI, is living in a time when the Duke of York, Richard is dead as a failure, and with his head spiked up on the city’s walls. The wife of Henry VI, a Lancastrian Queen herself is riding ahead towards the south, along with an army of people from the north and painted warriors from the Scottish Highlands. Margaret killed Richard, so she and her army now face his son: Edward of March (the newly proclaimed Duke of York), self-declaring himself as the King of England, setting the stage for bloody and barbaric battles.


Dictator – Cicero Trilogy 3

In Dictator, Cicero, the protagonist, was previously known as a master controller of Julius Caesar. Caesar’s life was in the total control of Cicero, once upon a time, but now his life is in tatters, while Caesar, instead, grows into a charismatic central figure in Rome. Cicero now lives a life filled with danger, in exile, without his wife and children, and his possessions taken away. Principled, but without any power, he only exhibits intelligence, bravery and talent for a small period of time, and during this time, he evolves into the highest senator in town. An excellent orator, Cicero then faces corrupted people and zealousness, as the reader comes face-to-face with a scary and blundering individual, out to become a hero.

The Tea Planter’s Wife

British Ceylon, or Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka), was the name given to the country during the United Kingdom’s administration of the state: first claimed by the Portuguese, who had reserved a vast amount of interest in the whole of Ceylon, the land then changed hands to the Dutch, and eventually to the British, who possessed a slacker interest in the place, by comparison; the Buddhist people of Ceylon despised their Portuguese rulers, and under Dutch rule, the land came to the attention of the British Empire. The Tea Planter’s Wife begins with a story set in Ceylon, against a backdrop of tea plantations. Gwendolyn Hooper is a nineteen-year-old married girl, eagerly waiting to meet her husband. Hooper leaves the steamer that brings her to Ceylon, with a lot of positivity in her heart but little does she know about the tough choices awaiting her. Laurence meets Hooper in Ceylon at the tea plantation and soon his wife learns that her husband is a changed man. Lawrence is always busy, detached, and unhappy but when a pregnancy befalls Hooper, even though it uplifts her husband’s thoughts, she is at that moment in her life when Hooper must go against the aristocratic grain, and make a hard choice. Hooper, in the book, also has plenty of colourful experiences, as she goes all across the tea plantation and discovers closed doors, a wedding dress that has turned yellow, and a naturally huge hidden grave, that is meant to be small, instead.


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