Which Lip Colour To Choose For Your Wedding?

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For Brides: The Perfect Lip Shades

Weddings are all about dressing up for the bride + getting hitched to the man they believe is “the one”. Although, it must seem really scary to take the plunge for the couple, there is no denying the excitement that builds up for this very special day.


Choosing the right lipstick shade for you is addressing that excitement the right way: when you drop by at the cosmetics aisle at your favourite fashion haunt of the moment, make sure that you choose lipstick in the most popular bridal colours for your lips: pink, red and nudes.

Glossy nudes are alright but avoid nudes that are too dark because a natural coloured-edition of your lips, a little bit dressed up, is so much more beautiful. Pink colours should be slanted towards rose shades, because they honestly spell out playful, well-dressed and polished but sometimes they can also be flirty.

On reds, tomato reds are an excellent idea, brick reds are good for brown-toned skins, and classic reds, that sport a really zinger, can also be affordable, when you buy yours at a drugstore. If you have applied too much reds on your lips, then blot your lips with a tissue paper, to even out the colour-tones.



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