Emilio Pucci Autumn-Winter 2015

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A flapper dress decorated in pearls on the fringes? Count me in! It is the return of proper sexy, whenever and as you need it!

Emilio Pucci is an Italian brand that was brought to the world’s attention first during the sixties and for this collection the theme was essentially what you look forward to most in the Pucci line: the clothes are unabashedly sexy, but each season they have their own unique idea as the centrepiece.

The fashion collection is more rock ‘n’ roll for fall and it played out to a soundtrack from Led Zeppelin: there is a whole lot of sporty numbers and horizontal stripes, ribbed knits that feel like second skin, monochrome evening outfits, ombré shades, electric colours, the presence of a diverse range of materials, from crushed-velvet to a bright silk, beaded embroideries, and long jersey T-shirt dresses, that sported their very own zodiac sign, and all of that was nothing more than a tough evocation of how dedicated you are to nothing but, clothes.


I loved the thought-provoking interpretations of astrological signs, such as Aquarius because I love my sign (even more on fashion!): it is so super-intelligent, self-involved, independent, bold, ambitious, it is an original sex symbol, it is a technology maverick, and it is someone who is so amicable – it has more friends than any astrological sign in the whole wide world but cannot be conquered in love…at all! What’s not to love about something like that? There is actually plenty to do, much like the historical theme running from the fifties from in-house and back to the present as black and white sequins got paired with thigh high boots!


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