Carolina Herrera Autumn-Winter 2015

A futuristic take on the natural world means lots of sophisticated creations!

Carolina Herrera is busy with futuristic designs because she is not quite inspired by history, as much as she is taken by newer interpretations on fashion. There is a lot less of the traditional in her clothes and more of the seasonal flowers, artistic decorations in the most surprising of ways, like last season and a lot more of the natural world for this particular collection. She chose the theme of H2O and wrote evocative poems on it for fashion, as well as placing it in abstract frames.

There was a detached involvement to all of the fashion numbers helmed by Carolina, and what I enjoyed about all of it was the miscellaneous aspect of all of the looks. There is daywear in the form of a Prince of Wales dress that flaunted a needle-punched mohair floating all over the chest and a cashmere jacket that had embroidered swans on them. The details were not too frequent but I think minimalism is what worked for a take on the natural world that aims to be heading towards the future: think of red acrylic embroidery that flies atop a gently stitched-together coat made of soft mohair in a proper houndstooth and chevron pattern, that made it ideal as workwear.

For an alternative take on the same dressing concept, imagine a wool felt dress that had an elongated structure and was in ivory – the curving seams looked like trace lines on the chest. There was also an ivory techno jersey that was paired with a pretty long blue bias-cut skirt, that had a singular ruffle gently cascading on the side that demonstrated modernism, glamour and proficiency. In the evening wear department, the designs went from silk organzas and jacquards, both of which sported ripple-prints and it was quite sophisticated, much like an icy blue silk gazar gown that was strapless and heaving flouncy material below the knee.


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