Those Simple Beauty Tricks…

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The Pretty Blush

This season, candy pink is in because it resonates with a mature attitude like never before. Imagine petal-pink on your cheeks – it would almost make you look and feel like a rose in bloom. The colour pink on your cheeks gives off the impression that you are a healthy young woman, more than acting as a statement-making beauty avatar. The colour is delicate, pale and makes the skin also appear more fresh and polished.

Simple Beauty Rituals


The Double Brows

Take a brow bush and brush it downwards to give it a smoother and sophisticated look – a light powder or pencil can be used to fill the gaps and give those arches more neutral refinement. Follow this up by brushing your eyebrows upwards – use a tinted brow gel for this.

Opulent Lipsticks

The colour rouge on your lips, when you have a luminous skin gives you an elegant and deep look, that is also eyeball-grabbing! You can also do a different take on this look and use your favourite foundation/BB cream, that has a brightening base (like the one featured here) to eliminate all the makeup errors on your face.

A Lot Of Mascara

Conceal under the eyes first with a gentle touch, and bring it towards the eyelash-line and then apply your mascara – a lot of separate coats of it. Your eyes will look younger, fresher and clearer and it also make you look playful when you have deep eyelashes.

Simple Beauty Rituals



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