The Perfect Foundation

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How To Get That Rich Velvety Foundation Look

A foundation should be that must have in every woman’s beauty shelf: it can transform a drab look to a great one, within a matter of minutes. But the trickiest part is to get the foundation just right because without it you will end up looking visibly older, too shiny, dry, bland and too tinged in the wrong colour. A good point to remember is to not have it done in a fake way – it might have prevailed since the dawn of beauty rituals back when Zeus was conceptualised as a real, live Greek God with magical powers, but that is the wrong way to move about with foundation.

The Perfect Foundation


There needs to be no blanking with foundation on your face. What should be done is to aim for a natural foundation colour on your face + a regular skincare regimen because that would both look after your skin and make it radiant; you can also try half a drop of the skin serum mixed into a foundation for similar effects on your face. When you thin out the foundation, it melts on your skin like delicious ice cream + the serum makes your skin look plumper and softer.

The latest foundation ranges (featured here) will make your skin look and feel a whole lot better in a natural tone and you can further add glow to the look by putting it over a brightening cream. One of the products that a make-up artist uses is a good brush to layer the foundation liquid/gel/powder on the face, so doing this beauty ritual with your favourite one is the ideal way to create a sheer, velvety layered look, with an incredible finish on your face, be it for a foundation or a bronzer to get all those compliments rolling in for how great your skin truly is.

The Perfect Foundation



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