The Phenomenon With The Frumpy #BananaRepublic Sweater

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What is it about dressing in orange or green shorts that snap at the crotch on a night out that is so fascinating?

One of the most fearful elements of attending school is: not belonging. No one likes to be that kid, that odd spade out in a frumpy yellow sweater and a denim skirt too tight. Most girls (and boys) like to take care of their appearance, from frat boys to skater boys, and this desire to be shabby can never be understood in school culture.
It’s not so much about ‘Glee’ or ‘Carrie’ but somehow it always is because that odd kid out has company when you make too much fun of her or like to be studious and she only lives to make out with a guy you have a crush on, or as those that make fun of her would say: someone as shabby as her or someone who cannot score!

It makes me wonder what kind of upbringing they have had because in my household, since I was a child, it was always: C&A, Uniqlo, GAP, Topshop, Mango and Esprit! There is no such thing as putting a wrong fashion foot out of the door and when I ask around mates because I am so popular I find that in their households it has never been anything too much different either: they do a lot of vintage and a lot of knitted festive jumpers!

There is always so much sympathy for that odd kid from people who think alike and it does not take them long to show their true colours. They turn up the next day after being called an U.G.L.Y. by the popular kid dressed exactly like a Banana Republic mannequin because they feel it’s such an easy look to multiply and make a two of. They begin to eat grapes for breakfast because they want to soak in portions of fanfare for the popular kid because she so obviously has so much of it.

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This was a shabby kid who could never do her trigonometry (and practically everyone knew about it), she was somebody who was jealous of the popular kid because she could never be as privileged as her (they have parents who cannot talk about their jobs and it’s something I learnt and believe is true from my mother that those are people not worth socialising with!) and is someone who cannot get over a mate, who clearly just sometimes like’s to “pull” in clubs, when drunk!

Naturally, these boys do not think about how that affected the shabby kid, how she started dreaming about a marriage with him or care much about how she’s never going to be me: the “love of her life” neither wants a friendship from her, nor does his parents love her! Forget about my prom dates and the rest of the gang – they openly cannot stand the outcast! “What is the point of having these kinds of kids around?” is a question I would like to throw at the adults, as such, because she, this “naturally frumpy Banana Republic girl” obviously isn’t Harvard-material!

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