More Girls In School Please…

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The Benefits of an Education for women cannot be spoken enough of!

Since 2005, the number of girls enrolled in school have been increasing, even though more girls rather than boys don’t go to school. Around the globe, more male students study maths, science and technology, as opposed to boys, which is such a sad state of affairs because those subjects are connected to a bigger paycheck and more professional capacities. Gender discrimination is widely responsible for this disparate sense of education attainability because in poorer households, for both developing economies and developed economies, young boys are given more preference than young girls, when it comes to calculating the costs of a school education.

This outlook in families breeds discrimination for young girls and calls for a shift in attitude adjustments: young girls are not always encouraged to join school, or can fall back on the experience and opportunities a good profession can give you. It is a sad situation because young girls deserve an education as much as young boys and they can also be good in numerous sciences if you challenge the idea that those subjects are traditionally best suited to males.

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It is a very outdated, misplaced and inaccurate thought to bear in English society because the competition needs to be inbetween two separate persons’ intelligence, their societal position (those atop the social chain don’t really have problems about getting an education, a university degree as a female) and their abilities as an individual, not for their gender.

Certain attitudes of teachers, such as a female teacher being quite sympathetic and understanding about your confusions and a male teacher being more direct and assertive, will lead young students to follow suit and stereotype themselves into how a young person should behave, depending on their gender. This ability to mirror attitudes should rather be reserved on encouraging women to get into education because it is indeed very challenging to do, when more often than not, they have to think about topics, such as motherhood.

Single mothers, reportedly go to school less than those who are not far more independent and aim higher because they are rightfully entitled to. These mothers often have to face prejudice simply because they chose to have a baby early on in their life, for both employment opportunities and education attainment rates. The same can be said for working women, who often have to bear the brunt of being professionals, rather than stay at home and look after their children because certain societies still breed gender inequality.

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