What To Wear To a Ball?

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Autumn Winter 2015 is all about being diverse, with everything you wear!


To pull off this look you will need to have what should be deemed an essential in your wardrobe: the princess gown. If you do not love gowns as much, you can always wear pretty skirt suits, billowing coats, shiny slippers/shoes, gloves well-suited to the opera, hair slides, diamanté brooches, as alternatives – they all spell that ball-worthy debut everytime you put your foot out the door for a fantastic and fashionable day. Chic and sweet, the feminity of the designs is undoubtedly charming.




For the shiny glow on your body, choose rich outfits: you can go for sequins, crystals, brocades, lurex, lamé and glittering slides for the dress materials. The pieces are simple and exquisite for evening and the detail with all of the embellisments cannot be well-spoken enough of – some of them are even finely hand-crafted and the sophisticated touches that is inclusive of being a fashion magpie is all incorporated with the shine factor of these dresses so there is no hesitation over scoring big-time at all of your regular balls.




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