The Winter Blowout

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It is the season to look lush and do colour coordinated!

Is it so difficut to be lush and gorgeous? It’s certainly not an easy task to get that blowout on your head but with the right styling tools, you are almost there in a jiffy. Get a powered hair dryer, blow out balm (for that all-purpose city slick), a hair thickening conditioner to give your hair, the glamorous-shine it needs, your favourite hairbrush, and go wild after washing your hair as usual, with the shampoo you love, for all-time. What it is hard to do in winter, is to sport a bronzed-look that comes naturally to so many Latinas, no matter the season, so why don’t you save all of that for another season and do what comes naturally to you: go shopping for that beautiful winter wardrobe!

The Winter Wardrobe


Because winter season normally can mean too-much covering up in one colour, or too many separates in too many separate colours, go for coolness with details, instead, in everything you wear. Have a graphic rose print miniskirt or a ruffle leather skirt (it’s dangerous!) to wear to work, paired with a funky sequined jumper that can also flirt when it feels like it. If you feel adventurous with stories and a good book during lunch break, will not cover it, why don’t you opt for those shapely, trousers from Balmain that is both wide-legged and striped in multicolours – it’s almost as if you were in a terribly confused circus and there is no escape, for life!

Remember to ring in back the military look that is so trendy at this time of the year with a practical and sleek belt that can be worn with a deliciously red coat because there is never saying any goodbye to being bold and rich, the right and classic way! During lunch breaks, I love to read something that will help me to catch up with stories: a book that has caught my attention for winter for all of that is The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster by Richard J. Evans.

The Winter Wardrobe


This is the final book in a trilogy based on Nazi Germany, and it shows how the country’s past destroyed Germany and Europe. If you thought this was because of Adolf Hitler and his leadership, then you would be thinking wrong because it was actually because of his pursuing of the holocaust and unsuccessful invasion of Poland. The book describes what happens when you do not learn from the mistakes of those great leaders that came before you – Hitler’s fall in Poland, is so similar to Napoleon’s fall in France: both the leaders thought they could never fail in their military tactics because they had crossed so many national hurdles to get that glorious, against all odds. Those were miracles that are seldom repeated and I love how the book was poignant in its illustration of how Adolf Hitler fell into his own, perhaps even “nationally popular” trap of advancing Germany and hence Europe. What an amazing lunchtime read!

The Winter Wardrobe



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