Thakoon Pre-Fall 2015

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Celebrate fall with a mashup of romantic and heritage looks!

Thakoon’s leaves turned an autumn shade for fall, with a love for code. Celebrating ten long years in the fashion industry, with a capsule collection at the Manhattan department store, Barney’s aside, the other kind of thoughts that popped up in his mind consisted of a mesh of sportswear (the classic American kind!) and a relaxed feel, full of comfort and a sense of heritage.


Soaking in old-school Americana, were pieces such as a cotton shirt that has a sleeve missing but was dressed-to-the-nines with the help of more fabric tied around the neckline, sweaters that were finely and accutely punctuated with needle-like work, and graphic panels of lace, a dress that goes from day-to-night, in a fully functional-form, and numerous other creations that harked back to a bohemian/romantic avatar.

Seasonal flairs went from a sense of richness and has a textural-flamboyance – there was jacquard (that looked like mosaic tiles), oversized tweeds spun from rows and rows of yarn fringe, paisleys dyed with a lot of dye and having a black floral accentuate all of the looks, The sensibility was punctuated by a boxy look, boyish knitted pants, that were also ribbed – it looked pyjamas but worn as outerwear.

None of those looks were about as basic as they can get. And yet the hemline was assymetrical and the lining on a silk dress was of a contrasting nature, that were tweaked out to be more frayed that usual – it was all about mixing the old with the new.

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