Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2015

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Christian Dior is all about Japan for Pre-Fall but say goodbye to the obi, and hello to hard trousers.

Christian Dior was all about opening their archives and once again, exploring the house’s legacy in Japanese fashion designs – but this is through a Frenchman’s perspective, so what else was unique about all of the looks? The early fifties was when the designer took fabrics from Kyoto, from a Tatsumiura workshop and a high-end department store in Tokyo, Daimaru started to sell his label’s creations. All of this activity for Dior later outspurned into getting commissioned to create three dresses for a Japanese wedding ceremony for the royal family of the country.

This obsession of sorts with Japanese culture for Dior started during his childhood, when the oriental screens in his house from Granville, would seem like “Sistine Chapel” to him. So, Tokyo became the host city for the fashion house’s efforts for Pre-Fall this year. An audience of 1,400 filled the space for Dior’s show, and included celebrities, such as Audrey Tataou and Hailee Steinfeld. In a sumo wrestling arena, one model after another sashayed down the catwalk in creative outfits, and the offerings were decidedly different from last year’s show in the Brooklyn area of New York City.

The show, however wasn’t really Japanese in terms of style because there were no kimonos, no obis, no cocktail gowns or red-carpet gowns. What there was actually ranging from waxed cotton storm coats to knit vests paired with wide-legged, hard trouses, wad an exhibition of fineries: think calf-length shift dresses that are not exactly modest but still elegant-enough, small plaid dresses, accessorized with flat boots. Sequin turtlenecks that engulfed your whole body was there, alongside coats and dresses with a strict atmosphere, from the 1960s. This consisted of Fair Isle sweaters, sweater dresses, platform boots, rings (lots of them) and futuristic Princess-Leia inspired braids getting artistic.

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