Chanel Pre-Fall 2015

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Chanel takes us down a trip through the old cobbled lanes of Salzburg!

Chanel’s latest show for Pre-Fall 2015 was all about the atmosphere in Métiers d’Art. The extraordinary craftsmanship of the artisans who weave together the brilliant clothes that are always sent out by the fashion house was celebrated in new forms, this time around.


There were feathered hats, breeches, embroideries, trimmed clothes and braiding – this was a different kind of fairy-tale, one where nonsense about how your prince has run off with your housemaid, leaving you all alone in the castle, as you are about to begin preparations for the ball, doesn’t interfere with all that work.

In Salzburg, there is so much to be captivated by that would give rise to such thoughts: it is the hometown of Mozart, an important milestone in Baroque architecture, and the location where The Sound of Music was shot. The chow exhibited a lot of diversity that actually went from strength to strength: think capelets, frogged jackets, side-striped trousers that looked like they were about a Viennese military academy. Inspired by a jacket on a page at the Mittersill Hotel in the town, Chanel’s signature black jacket was tiny and green.

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