Candy Colours

The colours to choose for your eyeshadow, this summer.

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Browns and blacks are the classic chades that most choose from, when they choose to wear eyeshadow, as they walk out the door. But not this season because this is the season of colour. It’s time to be glee and happy with candy colours for your eyes.

For SS2015, on the catwalk a handful of fashion designers decided to break the mould in beauty looks and experiment with transparent, fluid colours on the eyes, picked up from the shades in the trendy clothes. Sheer pastel green is the usual choice for many up-and-coming designers but there is a lot more to candy than minty greens, such as the compacts from Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

Candy Colours


The application technique has been light and more akin to how you feel when you touch a feather, and when not doing greens the artists have been working with pastels, and not the kind that screech that it’s “Summertime in Florida!”. The pastel shades that were personal favourites have been bold shades, such as the one that looks like nude fairy dust from Giorgio Armani. Happy colouring!

Candy Colours



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