What I Love: Tokyo, Champagne, Ice & Contemporary Art

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This season there was a lot of creativity explored in latitude and longitude. The fashion designers and fashion houses chose to travel to Tokyo and bring back more than just cherry blossoms in public gardens. A kimono top, for example is the perfect companion to a statement skirt, with an attitude. A sharp red lipstick should complete the look, and the oils in the dainty lipstick, makes it both feel-good and healthy for your lips. The crimson shade on your lips can contrast with the translucent white powder on your face, creating a flawless expression of traditions.

Tokyo Influences


A hand-fan should accessorize the look, for a perfect East-meets-West, alongside a modern renovation of a pair of geta sandals, that is sleek rather than drab. You can also scrub yourself as a pre-makeup routine – use a charcoal soap all over your body. When done with building your Japanese look, in a mix of traditionalism and contemporary, you can also be whimsically Japanese in your own home, with origami art from Hermes – they put together paper horses, sprayed on with perfume, that are pocket-size and minimalist.

Another personal favourite expression on fashion is contemporary art. This time the artists, the craftsmen decided to go all the way to a faraway exotic land: India. Over there, they found a bangle-that-looks-like-a-cuff, of molten gold and painted with dainty butterflies. Back home they had plenty of darker drama to content with, though: there was dark dinner plates, shaped like fish, the iconic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s getting a makeover in the style of Andy Warhol for a full-skirt, and a mouse handbag, complete with whiskers, pink ears and a tail.

Painterly Influences


I also loved how different couture houses interplayed with rose gold. The champagne-tint in them made the nude colours feel more luxurious than usual. The furry playmate of a bag charm is from Fendi, and it can go with your chainlink purse, to add a touch of sophisticated glamour to it. The complicated theme in these designs is how people perceive luxury: how often would you find fans of a J’Adore soap or a Bobbi Brown compact.

Champagne Influences


Not so often, but this feeling for the ones who do feel it, is here to stay. The shoes explored beads and shimmer, that looked like a glass slipper from one of Europe’s infamous folklore adaptations on screen because of Disney, and like having the coral reef on your feet. Both the watch and the bracelet in rose gold are also lean and mean – an important silhouette for lovers of fashion, that like to exert themselves with confidence.

Finally, the last cool trend of the season, that I have liked is ice: it means a mix of blue and white on everything you own. From your powerful statement shades to the glittering jewels on your neck, everything must be blue and delicate. The denim piece came from Topshop’s marvellous “heritage collection” – they have decided to throw open their archives and bring back some former sold-outs. And it is really special: I have to say that I am totally blown away by the sheer ingenuity of the British high street brand, particularly for their newly launched makeup range. You might not find every shade imaginable in them, like you do at Estee Lauder, but I love how affordable and basic the shades are – most of the time, my personal favourites are always the ones that are exceptionally whimsical and strong.

Ice Influences



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