The Supermodel With The Mole: Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is a well-recognised American model and spokesperson. In the mid-1990s, Forbes magazine awarded her the title of the highest paid model on the planet. The eighties and the 90s saw her become one of the most popular supermodels of all time, getting one cover after another, be it ELLE or Harper’s Bazaar, and appearing on print campaigns for the likes of Escada and Revlon.

Crawford has not modelled since the 2000s and now only features in fashion magazines, alongside launching numerous collections in both the beauty and the furniture market. Cindy Crawford became a tabloid favourite, when she wed Richard Gere – the marriage lasted for four years, before both of them walked off with separate people, following a divorce.

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere had an unconventional relationship – she was 17 years younger than him, and Gere was such a huge movie star, when the two went out. Cindy was only twenty five years old when she married Gere, 42, and she credits the age gap for the fall of their marriage.

Cindy Crawford #StyleFile
Cindy Crawford #StyleFile by osmianannya featuring wedding ringsThe twenties was a time for self-development for Cindy Crawford, a time when she felt the need to reconnect with her emotions and her feelings, and understand better about who she is as a person. It’s difficult to change in a relationship, Cindy believes because you could have signed for a marriage expecting something but when you get into it, you realise that there is nothing of that sort there – that the picture is totally different.

Cindy dated Richard when she liked who he was, but found a different man in bed, post-marriage. At the age of 22, she was a follower, walking behind this huge man, this star from Pretty Woman, who so many believed was the ideal ‘Prince Charming’ but then she wanted to become his equal in the relationship.

Cindy wanted to be someone that wasn’t simply a follower, she wanted to sometimes take the initiative, sometimes command, and sometimes walk together. Cindy and Richard met at a barbecue dinner in 1987, and the two stars did not waste a lot of time chatting. They decided to start dating at the spur of the moment, and after a period of courtship lasting four years, the couple got married.


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