The Young Waif-Like Model: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a Croydon born-and-bred model, signed to some of the leading modelling agencies in the world. Waif-like, a size-zero, her first major fashion campaign has been for Calvin Klein and she is a standout from her contemporary supermodels, who are taller than her and have curves.

Propelled through one controversy after another, towards negativity and negative energy resounding from all angles at her from the decisions she has made in dabbling in heroin, over her highly publicised relationships, and for having a figure that borders on ‘the anorexia debate’, she has managed to still hold onto her modelling swerves. Launching a very successful collection, with Topshop aside, that has had more seasons than any collection one can remember of in the recent past, she is also going very strong for some of the most in-demand designers off the era, from Burberry to MMissoni.

The longest and darkest hours of her life arrived when she broke up with her first love, the Hollywood heartthrob and absolutely amazeballs of an actor, Johnny Depp. Depp, although 11-years older than Moss, was a positive figure in her life for the duration of their romance, and post-the-breakup Kate has been busy drowning her sorrows in one bad romance after another, and even resorted to taking drugs. The reason for their breakup has been attributed to Depp who could not deal with her constant need for affection and the neediness and the crazy party antics – that is so surprising to learn, Kate is actually really down-to-earth, unlike Depp, who is so very rugged, like all the time, even in suits.

It’s not like Moss should be judged for her romantic troubles though (unlike for the occasional drugs-taking) because if you would just take a look at Depp’s relationship past, you can see that in the tabloids, he too has flitted from one ‘social butterfly’ to another, like there is nothing better. Kate went through insecure phases in her relationship with Depp, terrified of his constant (not-to-mention so confusing) moodswings – the couple broke up in 1997.


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