The Spice Girl: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of five of the former pop girl sensation, Spice Girls and a fashion designer, with well-received signature labels and fashion spinoffs. Dubbed Posh Spice by Top of the Pops, in 1996 she made her mark on British music, with her bandmates through hit singles, such as Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life.

After getting married to football star, David Beckham and giving birth to children of her own, and in the midst of it all, as the band broke up, Victoria decided to take her responsibilities as a queen WAG seriously. But she soon tired of this role, from the looks of it, and decided to instead devote her professional time to other far more worthwhile endeavours than holding the crown amongst a group of “wannabes”: she chose to purse a career in fashion and has not looked back from all of her success, since then.

She at first increased her appearances on the Red Carpet and chose nothing but Roberto Cavalli for all of the appearances, and after doing a fair few of collaborations, with numerous fashion labels, Beckham launched her own signature clothing line. She received a very good reception at NYFW for her label, after which she expanded her range from high-end finds to low-priced picks. She has won numerous accolades as a fashion designer, such as the Designer Brand of the Year in 2011 at the British Fashion Awards.


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