The #RC Regular: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is an English actress, who is often seen on the Red Carpet, impeccably dressed. Nominated for the Golden Globes and BAFTAs, the films she has worked in, goes from crime dramas to biopics. She comes from a quintessential family, with a mother who was once a model, and a father who dabbles in the rare experience of indulging in Chinese art dealership.

Sienna had worked in modelling before becoming an actress. She was selected for the Pirelli Calendar (2003) and modelled for Coca-Cola, Pepe Jeans London, and Hugo Boss. She has also contributed to the medical corps for the Democratic Republic of Congo, as an ambassador, blogging about her travelling experiences.

In Congo, Sienna covered the genocide that took place alongside the borders it shares with Rwanda – a land with an illustrious colonial past, filled with red and green mountains, smiling faces, and ravaged by repeated accounts of war, and many people in the world believe that the two lands cannot become one because it is so far away from home that the language of love cannot heal.

In the DRC, Sienna stayed at a guesthouse first at Goma, from which she boarded an overcrowded boat, sitting at the point of sinking, almost, a sign that is so common in developing economies. She found DRC a captivating place, with a dark history, and headed towards the Panzi Hospital, located in Bukavu, where the medical corps were attempting to heal women wounded pretty badly from the scars of conflict.

She has seen certain rebel groups in place, from nearby Rwanda, that government troops have been protecting the area from. She found this picture confusing: beauty and conflict are residing side-by-side. It’s not confusing, that is just the way of life in DRC because of longstanding sectarian violence, mixed with a feeling of shock helplessness that aims to suck all the feeling out of you to be strong within and have a sudden dangerous uprising or perhaps even act as a better antidote to all of the scars.


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