The Lady in the Power Suits: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the most surprising candidate to throw his/her name into the ringfence of the Democrats leadership, in quite some time. Having already contested for the election once before, like a few candidates, here and there, it’s hard to expect the candidate to follow through the same route after they have already previously lost the race, once, to none other than Barack Obama. As the former Secretary of State and a former First Lady, she possesses all of the qualities necessary to become the first woman president of America, but is America really ready for that much change, already?

There is practically no other frontrunner in the Democratic Party election, race, let me be very clear on that, now, but this is not England, it’s the United States of America. Revolutions here are twice as tough because we might have our working class strife and struggles, but as a population diaspora, we are always on the right side of history, whether anyone knows it or not – it has never, not even for an instant, been our concern, unlike the flashy/showy politics, that is so often demonstrated by Americans! Granted we have our difficulties, but we are tough on people who wants to go against the grain, because that is simply how we are in the world – we are very hard and tough.

When Margaret Thatcher came to power, she did so amidst a lot of hope and expectations, that she will be able to change the politics of the country, and in so many ways she did. From pushing for a greater transparency in how political affairs are conducted, to fighting on the side of Argentina, she made many tough choices with her time in power, that left her very unpopular in the last few months of her reign. I am unsure if it was the impact of the Cold War breaking up the Soviet Union, and her involvement in it as the Prime Minister, or her lacklustre policies at home over the economy and nurturing industries, that finally propelled her out of Westminster, but she remains one of the most popular Prime Ministers, if not one of the longest, to have ever held office, in Great Britain.

Does Hillary Clinton expect to follow that same trajectory in the United States of America? Having graduated from the all-girls Wellesley College, in political science, she is known to easily change her views in politics, when she learns more about a particular subject, such as the Vietnam War. In her college days, she worked with black students to lead (and organise) a student strike after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. At her time in Yale Law School, she worked on child-abuse cases, early childhood brain development, and provided free legal advice for poverty-stricken people. Her glittering law career involved working on children’s law, predominantly and on scholarly articles on family policies.

As the Secretary of State, Clinton didn’t do much about easing tensions between the White House and estranged developing economies or other fellow first-world economies but took critical steps that were welcome moves, such as working with Obama to push for a return of troops from Afghanistan – that was in the best interest, back then! The most surprising element of it all was how she actually worked to improve the ordinary Pakistani’s point of view of America, but that would just be like her, wouldn’t it? Clinton believed in ‘the power of change’ throughout her time in office, but I am afraid that ideology cannot be expanded to every person (or state) in the world, particularly one that turns a blind eye to issues, such as it’s place in the race for assuring global security, not-to-mention the larger picture of regional security.

Sometimes, tough decisions need to be made in politics, that might not please everyone, but it’s still the right choice, if you get politics and politicians at all. So, keeping that in mind, should we really imagine a future where Hillary Clinton could one day be the President of America, in her ‘powersuits’ in shades of blue, pink, red, accessorised with Tiffany jewels? Maybe, for a change, we should hold that thought.


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