The Infamous Black Supermodel: Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is one of the foremost models of the ‘90s. Dubbed as a ‘supermodel’ by British Vogue, the only British model to be included for the cover, Campbell began her modelling career, with an appearance on the cover of ELLE UK. Slowly, she cemented her status as a supermodel in the industry, as she began walking on the ramps for fashion designers, such as Versace.

On the December of 1987, Campbell first posed for the cover of British Vogue, becoming the first black model to do since 1966; just the following year she fronted the cover of Vogue Paris, and then followed it up soon, with an appearance on The September Issue, of American Vogue.

Apart from a stint with controversies, such as taking drugs whilst travelling the world and ending up in rehab for it, she has also done television work. She has done guest appearances in the popular television drama Ugly Betty and been a coach and a judge for The Face.

Campbell is recognised as the most famous black model, ever but she is so much more than that: she is a supermodel, who has been active in charitable work, from supporting efforts in South Africa to Brazil, Naomi has ensured that awareness spreads in the cause she passionately believes in.


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