The Actress With A Heart: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an Academy Award winning actress, and a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). After starring in a range of critically-successful films, such as Gia and Girl, Interrupted, she decided to work in a series of action films, from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

She found widespread commercial success, with Maleficent last year, and has since been spotted in the director’s chair for historical dramas. After training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, Jolie pursued her career in professional acting, but her big breakthrough did not arrive until Gia, where she played the supermodel-turned-heroin-addict Gia Carangi. On sets, Jolie has been reported to be difficult to correspond with because she likes to work with method acting, a procedure she has worked with whilst in school – she is so serious about her training in acting, she even took night classes at NYU to learn more about acting.

Back in high school, Angelina Jolie wasn’t a popular kid though, despite her penchant for learning because the place was populated by rich kids, and she came from a family, with a modest income flow. She would also wear braces, and spectacles and then went to another school, where she identified with the whole punk culture – this period of Jolie’s life was all about getting dressed in black ensembles and going out moshing (slamdancing). As an Ambassador, Angelina Jolie likes to work in mostly war-torn locations, spreading awareness on the issues of conflict. She has been to Cambodia, to Sierra Leone, and to Colombo, working for the goodwill of refugees, diplomatically.

Just last month Jolie was in Turkey, where she raised concerns about the conditions of Iraqi refugees and spoke on women’s rights and the need to stop sexual violence from happening. Angelina spoke intelligently on Lebanon, whilst there, about how one in every four people there is now a Syrian refugee and that the country is being pushed beyond its limits. This is disheartening to learn of because although the crisis has been mostly ignored, on my part, just think of how the Lebanese must be feeling at this very moment: outsiders are fleeing their lands and flocking to Lebanon and over-populating it. Truly shocking! Jolie’s sense of style, meanwhile, is dark and sensual and she is a big fan of tattoos.


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