The Chameleon Diva: Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is such a music superstar. First gaining recognition for starring in the soap opera, Neighbours, she swiftly transitioned into a world of mainstream pop, where she found such an enduring success.

#StyleFile: Kylie Minogue
#StyleFile: Kylie Minogue by osmianannya on PolyvoreAs a recording artist, Kylie found fame after first gaining a foothold with contemporary music critics. The best-selling single Spinning Around helped her win approval with the dance music loving crowd, post-which she found superstardom, much to everyone’s surprise. The 2001 single Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was one of the most successful music tracks in the new millennium, making her album Fever (2001), a huge chart-buster.

Minogue was not really known in the American market, previously but Fever changed all of that. She then went on to release several hit singles, such as All The Lovers and even appear in Hollywood musicals, like Moulin Rouge! (2001).

With her petite frame, standing tall at a 1.52m, Kylie Minogue still knows how to put on a good stage performance, year-after-year, and 26 years counting. During the Aphrodite tour in 2011, Minogue flew on the back of an angel for every night that she performed.

Minogue was supercharged with excitement for the performance but later on, a lot of fatigue greeted her, courtesy of her flamboyant performance on-screen. She feels the fatigue is worth it though, because post-the-show she feels a sense of achievement, surge through her veins, making her wonder, with trepidation how she managed to pull something like that off.

In real-life, Kylie actually switches the bodies and red ensemble of cropped trousers/top, you often see her love-up in music videos, for a pair of blue jeans, a crisp white shirt and a pair of heels. Talk about laidback style!


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