The Famous DJ: Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton is a radio-legend. She loves Rolling Stones, partying till dawn and tattoos, and it was only late last month actually, when she ditched being a DJ, just like that. What came as a shock for her iconic status at BBC Radio 1 (because how we will no longer have her show to look forward to) has actually been a blessing in certain clouds for this new mom-to-be, who also recently got married to her longtime partner.

#StyleFile Fearne Cotton
#StyleFile Fearne Cotton by osmianannya featuring NYXDiscovered at the age of 15 by ITV’s Disney Club, and scouted to present children’s television programmes, Fearne has matured a lot since then. Somehow, this 33-year old still exudes that likeability, that preppy, happy persona, whenever you meet her, or happen(ed) to have caught her show on the radio.

As a DJ, Fearne has hosted music festivals, courtesy of our national radio, has exhibited her great sense of style everyday that she has turned up to for work (either alone or with the guests) in personalised polaroid shots, and given something to look forward to for years, during drab afternoons, spent mulling over, all tasks/errands for the day.

She has hosted so many famous shows, such as the long-running Draw Your Toons; she has tackled monsters: Top Of The Pops. Fearne also has a charitable conscience, which she has wisely chosen to indulge in specifically for Comic Relief.

For Fearne, life can be a chaos and a little bit rock and roll. She has a very deeply emotional bond with her husband because they get to do things like toss their washing right into the washing machine together, apart from taking care of their young son, ofcourse.

She has hit retirement so young, and was at BBC Radio 1 for ten years, spreading glee, cheer and the occasional controversial red footwear. The Live Lounge sessions on Fearne’s show were particularly amusing – so many notable record artists would often turn upto them to sing their very-own rendition of the most popular tracks on the chart, for that specific week.

On her playlist for the summer is: Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child, Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi, Empire State Of Mind by Alicia Keys and JAY Z and Billie Jean from Michael Jackson. Meanwhile, Fearne’s sense of style mixes the whimsical, with the practical – very old-school Britannia.


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