The Summer Denim Supply

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A good pair of jeans is a must-have in every wardrobe. The look of the season is pairing your perfect pair of jeans, with a slim cut denim jacket, that is slightly faded – very country-western and chic.


American jeans can be really comfortable, because jeans is after all their staple-wear, pioneered into everyday casual wear, by the likes of Tommy Hilfiger in couture and Levi’s into couture. Stretch denim in black can be almost as comfortable as wearing black cashmere on your legs. Wear it with a t-shirt, white shirt and a blazer, or for a casual laid-back  avatar = a leather jacket.


A slim-cut pair of indigo jeans looks great in the office for daywear and also for weekends. The more stretchable it is, the more it can retain shape to feel like second skin.

Raw denim

Rough and geeky, this style of denim is great for an outdoorsy look.

The Summer Denim Supply


A white t-shirt, a navy shirt-on-top and a slicked-back haircut, is how you wear the look in full.


The jeans need to be rolled-up around the ankles, because a stonewashed pair of jeans looks worn-in but not still doable, because there is nothing frumpy about them. Wear it with toothpaste-white sneakers, no socks, for a summer look, in the evenings, right off-duty.


Well-worn jeans are always recommended for festivals because wearing them for any other occassion could simply spell trouble – imagine turning up to a houseparty in a pair of jeans that looks like it hasn’t been washed (or mended) for six years. Go for a slim-cut and wear it with a loopy, marl sweater, and maybe a waterproof coat on top, to add pizzaz.


Wear your white denim with penny loafers, a knitted polo shirt, a soft navy blazer, and sunglasses, for a frock at the pub-garden. It can compliment your beer mug and sun-signed skin.

The Summer Denim Supply



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