How To Do The Summer Suit

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Normally, an all-black ensemble is the key to a chic look come high-and-low, come day-and-night. But this is summer, so such dark shades that have it in them to retain a lot of temperature means, that dark colours are a no-no area. This is the time to wear your warm-weather suits sharp.

Surviving Workwear


This is not the time to make the Ramones feel deliciously good about their inner style quotient that wants to reign free, but can’t. A sexy piece of shirt, that aims to make a statement of it’s own, a comfortable blazer or a fine coat, cut from lovely fabrics, such as linen, cotton or a light-wool-silk-mix, complimented by sleek trousers – that’s the way to roll!

Surviving Workwear


Speaking of wool-silk weaves, wool is actually surprisingly trending in the summer in the house of the Ramones, so you can try that out with classic styles instead, especially for your tie – some days it pays to not play with The Avengers.

Surviving Workwear



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