Summer Lip Colours

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These are the shades to shop for, for summer. Pops of colour this season, should be matched to your skin-tone. Read on, to find your perfect colour-burst, your ideal hues that scream who you are!

For Fair Skin = Jewel Colours

Any colour is a great colour for fair complexions.

Summer Lip Colours


For summer, though, choose rich hues that reflect a bejewelled sparkle. These are bold statements on their own, so don’t hesitate to own that violet colour lipstick, you have been dying to try all-year-round. Our favourite one is from Clinique.

For Medium Skin = Electric Bright Lights

Bobbi Brown’s orange, a deep pink from Dior that borders on mauve, the bolder the look, the stronger you will feel. Super-saturated shades are enough to act like they have something important to say for a change.

For Dark Skin = Sorbet Ice Cream

Jason Wu for Lancôme’s nudes, warm, comforting pinks from M.A.C. – these should be you go-tos for summer. They are precious and pack-a-punch.

Celebrating Colour



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