Summer Beauty

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Confused about what to get for summer for sun-kissed, smooth skin? Pick up these beauty buys for summer, right now, to show your make-up bag more love!

Korres Body Butters, Sephora. $29.00.

This is a rich cream, filled with fig extracts, eau,  grape seed extract, citric acid, parabens, sunflower, almonds and avocado oils. It is nicely moisturising, and can be used all across the body.

If you get dry elbows, heels and knees, while running around the beach, then this is the formulae to stick with. The creamy body butter, rich in shea butter, quince extract, also aims to soften your skin and rejuvenate.

Caudalie Divine Oil, Sephora. $49.00.

The dry oil from the French brand is luxurious, nourishing and moisturizing, blending in grapeseed oil, hibiscus, shea butter extracts, sunflower seed oils, tomato fruits, leaves and stem extracts, sesame oil and argan oils, leaving your skin feeling soft, firm and radiant.

You can use it right after leaving the beach, with sun-kissed skin, because it is ideal for those moments – the cream gets easily absorbed, putting on a fragrant aftereffect that can be on in the morning and in the evening.

L’Occitane, Sephora. $50.00.

Want a fun cream that multitasks? Then aim for this one from L’Occitane, filled with a milk concentrate, that evens up your skin, with a silken texture. The smooth cream is filled with almond oil, sweet almonds, and this brand is for anyone who is glamorous, but loves the provincial life.

Sephora Collection Nourishing Body Butter, Sephora. $7.00.

The body butter from Sephora’s in-house collection is buttery and greasy, because of shea butter, but it can still remarkably manage to keep your skin hydrated for a very long time. Contains mango and mango seed butter extract!

Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion, Sephora. $37.00.

Shea butter, natural oils, such as olive and macadamia, this fragrant body lotion from Philosophy, a beauty brand adored by celebrities, is filed with fruit oils, shea butter and seed oils.

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Put on a good amount on your fingertips and massage in gentle, circular motion, to soothe and heal effectively.

Fresh Rice Dry Oil, Sephora. $48.00.

Japanese rice farmers work very hard at their craft. They work all-day long in rice paddies, with their hands immersed into the cultivation of crops. Before long this gruelling task left them, with the idea that rice can also be nourishing enough for your skin.

It can purify and be regenerative, so this product from Fresh, replete with jojoba, rice bran, borage and grapeseed oils, aims to be a perfect rich moisturizing skin softener. Apart from it’s numerous oil benefits, the dry oil also comes with ginseng extracts, passionflower extracts, camelia extracts, and other lovely oils, like grapefruit oil, orange oil and spearmint oils.

Bliss Gapefruit+ Aloe Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream, Sephora. $29.00.

Bliss is well-known for it’s calming spas, so this product contains that magical formulae, that nourishes your skin with body butter, sun-kissed pink grapefruits and fresh aloe vera. Coconut and soybean oils, come together with vitamin A, vitamin E and algae extract.

Summer Beauty



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