John Galliano’s Painterly Influences

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John Galliano recently celebrated his comeback to the fashion platform with an artistic collection: brocade coats, antique designs, collars that had a lame design imprinted onto them, and a sleeve-lining that boasted beautiful pearl-rhinestone designs, that took more than 145-hours worth of craftsmanship to dictate, were all there for Maison Martin Margiela. The styles are expressive, to say the least and John Galliano collaborated with an illustrator to bring his project to life, visually.

He spent weeks researching and going through portfolios before selection the glove that would be the best fit, an illustrator that could accurately capture the essence of the fashion line’s debut show with Galliano. Hundreds of illustrators, across the globe pitched in to help the creative designer bring his vision to life on paper, and the artist he chose in the end was a French fashion artist Aurore de la Morinerie.

He was captivated by her fine-lined sketches, and illustrations that were hand-drawn fluidly to bring a bold, modern stylizing to the fore, doused in strong silhouettes and bursts of colour. After meeting up at the Brit designer’s London atelier to look through his designs, the pair began the collaboration, and an instant imaginative spark was felt.

Aurore is a graduate of École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris and she worked backstage to vigorously act out the behind-the-scenes action for threads, yarns and weaving techniques for the illustrations. The collection comprised 24-pieces and the set of illustrations include works, such as a scarlet wool A-line coat, with PVC pockets, leather cuffs, and embroidered lacquered-shell faces, an upside-down tailored coat, undone and hung over one shoulder, which was worn with a wool bustier and embroidered tap knickers, accessorized with hairpin fringing.

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