A Date-For-Hire?


A date-for-hire (or a male escort) can be defined as a man, who is paid to show a woman a good time. It differs grandly from female escorts and their infamous acts: sex-for-money, sex-for-dinner-dates, provide “the girlfriend experience”, the “porn star” experience, date them and pretend to be their girlfriend for a few days, these call girls are supposed to provide for everything they have been paid for.

They are in such demand because men don’t have to have a relationship with them, they can go out on a date with a porn star, live out their fantasy of dating one of those girls on television, become one of her many clients and walk away from the experience before diving head-first into the next one, just like it.

They want to have a smart connection and because these days the people engaging in these kind of activities come with fancier than before name tags of “hobbyists” (the men) and “providers” (the prostitutes), it’s easier to make the whole perverse idea of seeking pleasure in a natural environment, all the more acceptable.

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Male escorts are supposed to be a woman’s confidant, hold their hand after their fiancé has left them at the alter, or they have lost their dream job for forever, they are not supposed to provide an alternative to proper sex, in a perfectly normal environment.

The women they cater to are rich, but short on time – they do not like to complicate their dates. The men they hire for a date will be flown around the world, to dine in posh restaurants, take holidays with the super-rich in France, and they don’t even have to worry about calling her again (or not) the next morning.


True, being the woman’s shoulder to cry on doesn’t sound inviting at all, but at least you get paid to do what you often have to pay the tab for, after a few nights of comfort-ness sets in. But men who perform such services, rarely like to share their job description, with people they know because explaining that would be an absolute headscratcher.

Their jobs come with so much unpredictability: they have no idea what their date looks like before they take her out, no idea about the places he’ll be taken to, even if demands for sex in such evenings, or whilst they know them, is strictly not on the cards. They are supposed to be dates to weddings, to anniversaries, to museum galas, corporate fine dining, and trained for the event, so that the guests there can’t tell his little secret.


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