Talking About Sunscreens

When you have a tan, you often appear posh and sophisticated. This is a good dark tan, not an orange one. This kind of a tan is meant to make you look sun-kissed and in-tune with the beach vibes in the city. So many people love to spend time in the sun, but they do so without choosing the appropriate sunscreen for their skin, or any thoughts on skin cancer and how piling on the correct SPF can really help you prevent that, as you enjoy the spring sunshine.

Talks about baby oils, sun-ins and running from getting the gruesome “tan lines”, are all alright as was prominent, during the seventies, the sixties but nowadays you also have to think about the right sunscreen before you think about an original (fakes will not do!) tan. If you choose the right sunscreen, then you do not have to worry about how it feels on your skin, because the feeling of putting it one is so negligible, it’s almost as if it’s not there – like, a good day cream.

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Apart from thoughts on skin cancer, think about how it will impact your skin as you get older – if you use sunscreen and step out into the sun, or lie on the beach in your bikini, on your beach towel, as you work on that tan, then your skin will be younger for longer. No too much ageing freckles on your arms, but rather dewy skin.

You should start applying sunscreen on your face and your body, and if you have been spending too much time in the sun, start by using Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense Stick. It targets sensitive areas and protects you from the ageing effects of sun rays.

Another age-defiant product is the Nivea Sun Spray, which comes in at an SPF10 and a SPF15, that even adds vitamin E to your skin. Meanwhile, Dior recently manufactured a dry oil product , which boasts a light and airy texture, compact with a sensual scent that evens out your skin colour, so that is another product to try when aiming for sophisticated sun-grooming.

If you would rather have a faster absorbing sunscreen, then why not try Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect+ because it is both non-greasy and non-sticky. Women with ivory white skin or fair/pale skin, the ones who easily get a tan, have a lot of natural freckles and instantly feel the sun’s glare burning on their skin, are the most susceptible to skin cancer, than those of the darker skin types, who don’t tan, so wear your SPF wisely.

The Right SPF



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