Should You Try Counselling Before A Wedding?

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Believe it or not! Many men deal with relationship troubles these days by reading books – Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (a personal funny, favourite for years!) is top of that hotlist. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – having issues in romance. Even if you are a Cassanova, everyone needs a little bit help now and then, to manage something important in their life.

It is said that in America, on average an engagement lasts only a little over a year, 14.5 months to be precise. The whole of that time is about the pair planning their big day – it is after all the day when they finally get to take vows, to spend the rest of their lives together, in a fairytale setting. They are so busy thinking of the wedding, they forget to think about what life will be life once the party and the celebrations are done and dusted with.

As the wedding day approaches, everyone you know asks you about the flowers, the tailcoat, the dress, what the bridesmaids would be wearing but nothing on how you would like your future to be, with your husband, about dinners together, about a savings account, about purchasing a car together or investing in a home. Everyone expects you to be on-your-toes with excitement about the big-day, so any other wish or desire to “talk” would probably backfire in anxiety – they really do only want to talk about the sushi bar!

The truth, however, is that as you prepare to walk down the aisle, you must consider premarital counselling, for anything you are still unsure about, before getting married. This is a time when the bride and the bridegroom get an opportunity to be open to each other about what they are expecting from the marriage, totally stress-free.

Troubles do not go away from a relationship, until and unless you address them, and it might seem like a lot of uncomfortable, hard work but don’t be afraid of a boulder in your path to wedding bliss. You have to cross that hurdle, and enter a marriage without any unrealistic expectations – nothing on domestic roles, on where you stand on having children in the future or how you expect to handle a marriage, without the steady flow of an income. Some churches hold these counselling sessions pre-marriage, but if that is not what you would like, you can also book-in a session or two, with a couples counsellor.

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