Houseparty Rules!

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When you get a houseparty invitation from someone you know at work, it’s hard to not hide the anticipation over what to wear. It is everyone’s desire to dazzle at parties but how do you know, which style to pick? Keep in mind your height and your waistline, when you want to wear prints. The colour needs to be of a simpler, cleaner palette and the small prints have to be on tops, not the trousers. You can also wear short dresses, short skirts if the wonders of your latest diet have kicked off. No flashy neons, avant-garde prints, or dark and brazen floral imprints, but rose prints are very classic for pumps.

If you are still unsure, why don’t you opt for printed buttons on your dress, or printed-and-bound bangles in luminous shades, because those kind of designs can be quite trendy and primitive. Elaborate details are another no-go area, when you want to wear prints to a spring evening party. Speaking of accessories, choosing the right shoe for the right ball (sort-of!) is the most difficult task to pull-off: small heels are the best bet to have on evening gatherings because it can be so difficult to wear higher heels, continuously throughout the night and maintain a flow of conversation with your mates, or your co-workers.

Houseparty Rules!


For this reason, alone, aim for wedges with short dresses, block heels, platform pumps with trousers, and low-slung heels for that voluminous coral gown, you have saved up for weeks to splurge on for tonight. In the accessories department, wear copper, acrylic or light gold, but for the ears and they need to be studs. This can also help you tackle the problem some women have on wearing heavy jewels on their ears for a very long time – it is really, really difficult to pull off, and not recommended to be made a habit of, unless you would much rather use extended piece of layering for them to lighten the weight.

Look out for couture fashion on the catwalk, which sometimes does these typically traditional designs!Don’t mix the ancient with the modern, however, because like separate languages, it is only acceptable to do that if the two worlds are interconnected. The fusion only looks remarkable then, so if you have to wear clothes with antique designs, opt for longer earrings in silver, over studs.

Houseparty Rules!



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