Fashion should be about participation. You should contribute to your look, the same way you do to your stationary mugs in your office – a replica of the original Stanford accessory you wish you had the academic credentials to boast, but you don’t because you only attended college in New Zealand.



At the moment, men’s fashion is becoming increasingly affordable, as well as hitting all the right spots for style quotients, particularly for the likes of couture.



You do not have to be a sunshine loving Silicon Valley-buster to own these pieces in your wardrobe already, because casual weekday/weekend style from Harrods does not mean you will soon be facing the prospect of household debt you are far too young to have to deal with.



Sharply, easily, freshly restart your casual wardrobe with these sweatshirts and these (at-times) offbeat slacks to channel your inner sleepy coffee lover, for the world…or on a Saturday, at least for your Dachshund!




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