Eveningwear Rules #101

Eveningwear has a few good rules that you should follow whenever party season is close at hand. Social gathering that such clothes are suitable for, range from weddings to a dance.

Monochrome typecasts the garments you wear to such social gatherings, and it is distinct from a national costume or a morning dress, but more like the black-ties you would wear at a society debutante ball.

Spring Eveningwears # 1

First up is shoes: the singular sole pump is both elegant and “play it safe”. Don’t wear platforms if your skirt is busy grazing the floor, or sitting sophisticated right above your knee, for the look might appear too clunky.

In the colour scheme of things, choose black, navy, red, are staples. Make sure the red is the correct red, depending on how you want to co-ordinate your outfits for the night.

Spring Eveningwears #2

These colours can almost act as a constant in your closet, but if you would rather have something demure and non-conforming to traditionalism, then aim for jewel tones, which can make your dress appear all the more light and frothy.

If your dress is short, then the neckline needs to be higher up, because the dress cannot be skimpy. There is a thin line between seductive and tasteless, and most tend to cross it, so avoid being one of them, as often as you can.

Spring Eveningwears # 3

Peep-toed heels are better with gowns than, courts, while strappy sandals are the boldest move you can make, when it comes to casually flirting and flaunting with the concept of foot-show!

Spring Eveningwears # 4

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