Fall 2015: Silk Dresses

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When we pounced on the catwalks of SS2014, we saw that art was a prominent feature in the coordination of the clothes chosen. But for Fall 2015, this trend underwent an invigorating update, in the form of silk dresses and prints.

Prints typical of the sixties, have been redesigned in a modern avatar, and there are a lot of silk dresses here, that have been vintage-inspired, harking back to an old era, where strict functionalism was still cool, like how Prada did it. Also experimenting with silk, was Valentino, and he had plenty of poptastic pschydelia to exhibit.

Silk Dresses

Silk Dresses by osmianannya featuring Gucci

The accents reminded you of the time when Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) would be on her colourful MAC, scribbling down her thoughts and observations on the male form and sex. Carrie was always dressed to the nines, whether at work or at a bar, so silk dresses would be the perfect choice to dress in, in for every ocassion when you feel you identify with her so much you want to run with her style sense.

Silk Dresses

Silk Dresses by osmianannya featuring ¾ sleeve cocktail dresses


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